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When you’re busy running a business, it’s challenging to keep up with the hundreds upon hundreds of blogs floating around out there. We wanted to make it easy for you by sharing a favorite blog post from each of our teams! Check out these must-reads:

Our Social Team’s Favorite:

Between engaging content, powerful Facebook ads, and knowledge of industry trends, we have plenty of reasons to our social media team. So when they give us tips for how to act on social media, we listen. Here’s the top recommended blog from our social team:

Are You Making These 6 Common Social Media Mistakes?

Small businesses across the country have been taking to social media to build relationships with their customers, and establish themselves as an expert in their fields. And it’s all for good reason – there’s a massive consumer base on social media that small businesses have the opportunity to capitalize on. The trick with social media marketing, however, is… (Read More)

Our Pay-Per-Click Team’s Favorite:

When it comes to running an effective ad campaign on Google, our pay-per-click skills are on point! Whether we’re managing your AdWords or you’re running your very own, these 5 tips are crucial for upping your game:

5 Tips for Effective Google AdWords Ads

Research has shown that 41% of clicks in search results are at the top three paid ad spots on Google. So, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to use Google AdWords marketing to drive customers to your website to make an appointment. But how do you make sure your Google Ads convert… (Read More)

Our SEO Team’s Favorite:

The biggest thing you need to know when it comes to Search Engine Optimization is that our team stays on top of the latest search trends and Google updates, so that you don’t have to. And since they’re practically BFFs with Google, you should definitely check out their 3 suggestions for improving your shop’s SEO performance:

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Auto Repair Shop’s SEO

Search engine optimization, at the most basic level, is the process of convincing Google and other search engines that your site is the most authoritative and relevant site for whatever phrase or keyword searched. People believe, largely because Google’s algorithm supports this, that if you rank number 1-3, you are… (Read More)

Our Design Team’s Favorite:

Ever wonder why our websites perform so well? It’s because they’re literally designed to engage with your customers. From how things are arranged on the page to the illustrated graphics themselves, our design team knows the best ways to connect with people. Take a look at their favorite blog for more insight on the “why” of design!

The Psychology of Web Design

How People See: People are drawn to faces. We recognize and react to faces faster than anything else. Designers sometimes use this to direct users’ eyes to a specific area of a page. For example, if you place an image of a person whose gaze is directed toward a phone number, it’s more likely that… (Read More)

Honorable Mentions:

Last but certainly not least, our honorable mentions are all about branding. It may seem like an abstract concept, but building a distinctive brand personality can take your shop to the next level. Check out these blogs to find out why & how you should define your brand!

3 Reasons You Should Focus on Building Your Brand Personality

How do businesses achieve an easily recognizable brand and attract and retain loyal customers? Through branding! Your brand personality is an incredibly important part of business that encompasses many components of your shop to establish a differentiated presence in your market. It can be shaped through a variety of things – from your… (Read More)

What Your Brand’s Colors Say About Your Business

Your brand’s colors impact your bottom line. The colors you choose to represent your business may have more impact on your bottom line than you might think. From warm to cool tones, our brains are hardwired to associate colors with specific emotions and actions. Understanding how your customers perceive colors can… (Read More)

Joel Fogleman

Joel Fogleman