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What Your Brand’s Colors Say About Your Business


Your brand’s colors impact your bottom line

The colors you choose to represent your business may have more impact on your bottom line than you might think. From warm to cool tones, our brains are hardwired to associate colors with specific emotions and actions. Understanding how your customers perceive colors can give you great insight into how people are connecting with your business and ultimately help you maximize the effectiveness of your branding.

Your first impression is largely based on your brand’s colors

A study conducted by WebPageFX, a web design and marketing agency, found that “people make a sub-conscious judgment about an environment or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.”

Discover what your brand’s colors represent

In short, color sets the tone of your branding and subconsciously conveys the personality of your business to customers. Harnessing a strong color scheme will not only help you attract new customers, but it will also increase customer loyalty to and satisfaction with your brand.

See our infographic on the meaning of each color to learn more about what your colors are conveying to your customers!

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