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To take your shop to the next level, you need a marketing program that can get you there. Our all-inclusive RPM program focuses on every aspect of your online presence to get you more traffic, more leads, and more profits. Take it from the industry experts – Autoshop Solutions has the team of automotive marketing experts that will drive your shop forward. Put Us to Work For You

Your Shop Needs Really Powerful Marketing

Let’s think of your shop’s online presence like a vehicle. On the surface, you can make your car look like a million bucks and yet it still might run like a clunker. That’s the equivalent of a good-looking website without powerful automotive marketing services to support it. That’s why the team at Autoshop Solutions is bringing you RPM: Really Powerful Marketing. With 5 all-inclusive marketing packages, carefully crafted to fit the needs of an auto shop and built to power your custom website design, that “car” will have everything it needs to beat the competition!

Your website has hundreds of components underneath the hood that are constantly working to get your shop where it needs to go. Between search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media, and beyond – we’ve got you covered with automotive marketing solutions that will drive more business. When it comes to the race online, RPM gives you all the parts you need to reach top speeds.

RPM Services

RPM Services & Pricing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You might recognize this marketing service by a few different names: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), AdWords, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google or Bing Ads, etc. Although “pay-per-click” has its fair share of identity crises, there’s one thing that’s for certain. Pay-per-click advertising drives traffic to your website. We’re here to make sure this traffic is made up of high-quality leads that are most likely to become new customers at your shop.

Whether you want to focus your efforts on Google, Bing, or even Facebook ads, our team of pay-per-click experts will help you get the most bang for your buck! The best part? You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. And the only people clicking are already searching for one of your specific automotive services, which means they’re interested in your shop. Plus, we make sure you show up for the services that will bring you the biggest ROI for your pay-per-click campaign.

Social Media

The days of ignoring social media are long gone – and that goes for any size business. Your shop needs social media marketing, not only because 81% of people worldwide are on social media, but because it affects your overall online presence. What does that mean, exactly? Search engines like Google are looking at your activity across the web (not just on your website) to determine if you’re a reputable business. Our social media marketing will provide you with engaging content that proves your shop has what it takes!

The social media experts at Autoshop Solutions know how to craft engaging content for the automotive industry. Our content drives brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately helps you build a stronger following. We’ll even post social media content when your followers are most active so that your shop is seen as much as possible. After all, if you can reach customers in their downtime on social media, you can capture their attention and leave a lasting impression.

Search Engine Optimization

We know that SEO can be an overwhelming topic, but before you tune out – pay attention to how search engine optimization will tune up your online presence. First and foremost, you need to know what its purpose is. SEO is the process of convincing search engines (like Google) that you’re a reputable shop and that you’re the best possible answer for a search like “auto repair in Apex.”

Secondly, you need a team of automotive marketing experts who already know how to wrestle with search engine algorithms for you. Having a team with years of automotive knowledge and expertise (that’s us) will make the difference between being found on the first, second, or third page of Google. Lastly, when it comes to SEO for auto repair shops, results don’t always happen overnight, but with a really powerful marketing program behind you, you’ll see the results that stick.

Custom Content

If you’ve heard any buzz from the marketing world, you may have heard the phrase “Content is King.” We write 100% custom content for your shop’s website because it truly matters. Search engines like Google are constantly reading your website to see if you’re a good resource for automotive services. But if your content matches another website word for word, just think of Google as a grade school teacher who would fail you for plagiarizing. Trust us when we say – it’s just not worth it.

The content creation team at Autoshop Solutions will not only help you get a good “grade” with custom writing, but we’ll also make sure it converts. After all, what good is a website full of great content if it doesn’t also attract new customers? That’s where our expertise comes to play – using our automotive marketing knowledge to continuously drive your shop forward.

Review Management

These days, customers have access to endless resources to guide their decisions on which companies to trust. Reviews have become a critical piece of the puzzle, so much so that over 90% of customers read online reviews before choosing a repair shop, and 88% trust them as much as word-of-mouth from a friend. It’s never too late to start working on your online reputation, and it all starts with Review Management!

Instead of having to constantly check your ratings across the web, our team of experts will automatically monitor numerous platforms for your business, including Google, Yelp, and Facebook. We’ll even be able to craft quality responses to bad reviews when you need a little help smoothing things over. Last but not least, don’t miss out on our review acquisition efforts that can help you get more reviews! Between alerts, responses, and acquisition, we’ll make sure your shop stays on top of reviews more easily.

Custom Video

What a better way to connect with your potential customers than to tell them your story with a video? Websites with a video clip have been proven to generate 4-7 times more engagement and 90% of consumers stated that a video clip helped them make a decision on a buying process. Whether it’s a video for your website, an ad or just content to post to your social, Autoshop Solutions can help with all of your video content needs. We will create a creative & custom-written script for your video, find talent for recording, consult with you about video topics and then help upload to your YouTube channel. Finally, your videos will be streamed to your website, so that those 90% of customers have an easier time deciding to choose your shop for their auto care needs!

Call Tracking

How can you know for sure which marketing platforms are working for you and which ones need a little more help? We have a solution for that. Call-tracking can help show you which platform your customers are calling you from. There a few different levels of call-tracking services you can choose from. We have a level designed for measuring how well your website is doing by tracking the calls that come from your website being searched, found, and displaying the correct information. A higher level of call-tracking service will go even further, tracking how many callers find your number online in other places you have it posted, such as your social media accounts. This data tells us which platforms need more help, and which ones we are doing well on. With both of these levels, you will also be able to record calls in case you need to listen to them again. Call-tracking provides lots of data that helps improve your marketing campaign!