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Social Media Marketing for Auto Shops

Build Relationships With Potential and Current Customers


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. These are the popular social media platforms of the day where automotive businesses are driving the industry forward. It's no longer an option to participate in social media. It doesn't matter if your shop has one bay or twenty -- you need to be active on social media if you want to grow! As the automotive industry's trusted partner for all things Internet-related, Autoshop Solutions can tell you everything you need to know about social media. All of our marketing programs include social media to ensure all of our customers have every tool they need to succeed.

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  • Being active on social media gives the right signals to big search engines like Google.

    It tells them that your business is real, reliable, and responsive, which is exactly the type of business Google wants to suggest when people search for 'auto services near me.

  • Regularly posting to Facebook or Instagram shows potential customers that you are open, active, and engaged.

    Content that shows your team's dedication and work ethic says much more than one or two negative reviews. People just want to know that your business cares.

  • Interaction on social media with your client base builds trust and loyalty.

    Social media creates a valuable connection between you and your customers for communication. This is key to keeping your current customers and encouraging them to promote your business to others.


With the automotive social space growing each day, you can't afford not to have an active social page. Social media is how consumers will find and select you. Your activity on social media does play a role in how search engines rank your shop in search results. It also influences your potential customers' decisions to visit your business. Autoshop Solutions comprehensive marketing — known as Really Powerful Marketing — includes social media to help all auto shops build their online presence. Our team creates the content and posting schedule. All you have to do is hit 'approve,' and another part of your business's digital marketing is done!

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