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5 Tips for Effective Google AdWords Ads

Research has shown that 41% of clicks in search results are at the top three paid ad spots on Google. So, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to use Google AdWords marketing to drive customers to your website to make an appointment. But how do you make sure your Google Ads convert clicks to customers? Here are 5 tips to ensure you have successful ads:

1. Be Concise

Don’t include words that sound too sensationalistic or gimmicky. With only 25 characters available for your headline, 70 characters available for your ad copy, and 35 characters available for your display URL, you want to make sure every character counts. You have a short span of time to capture the attention of a potential customer, so don’t forget to include important keywords.

2. Be Unique

Take a look at your competitors’ ads – what do they say in their headline and ad copy? Make sure that your ads have different content so that you can stand out and stand above your online competition. A few ways to do this are by catching the user’s eye with symbols and numbers, such as a phone number, a percentage, or a dollar sign.

3. Be Relevant

You want your ad to answer the question that potential customers are searching for to show that you are relevant. For example, a user may search for “best auto repair shop Raleigh”, and your ad could read “Voted best auto repair shop in Raleigh”. Another way to help potential customers with their decision to click on your ad is to highlight the benefits you offer. Have a great warranty or free shuttle service? Make sure you let them know!

4. Be Believable

You want to let potential customers know that you are an expert. In your ads, demonstrate your credibility by mentioning a certification or affiliation you have that shows proof of your expertise. Another way to add credibility is to use a short blurb such as “Named Best in Austin” in quotes, which also draws visual attention to your credibility.

5. Be the Solution

Almost every search online is done by a person with a problem trying to find a solution. So, be the answer to the problem! It’s also a great idea to offer an incentive to make their decision easier. So, if you have a great promotion that they can’t pass up, include it in your ad. When you have convinced a potential customer to choose your business, don’t forget to let them know how to contact you. Include a strong call-to-action such as “Call Us” or even use your phone number as an implied call-to-action.


Of course, it would be difficult to incorporate all of these factors into one ad, so you can use these techniques for different ads within your Google AdWords campaign(s). You’ll also want to consider what you want your main marketing focus to be – do you want to really push your oil change promotion? Then highlight the promotion in your ad. Or, did you just become an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop? Then be sure to mention your technicians are ASE Certified.

As with many online marketing services, sometimes things are best left to the professionals. If you’ve tried setting up a pay-per-click ad campaign through Google AdWords and are not seeing the results you like, it may be time to reach out to the experts. At Autoshop Solutions, a trained Google AdWords certified specialist will manage your ads and campaigns to ensure that the proper settings and keywords are optimized to help your business gain the greatest return on investment from your AdWords budget.

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Abby Lancaster

Abby Lancaster