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How do businesses achieve an easily recognizable brand and attract and retain loyal customers? Through branding! Your brand personality is an incredibly important part of business that encompasses many components of your shop to establish a differentiated presence in your market. It can be shaped through a variety of things – from your logo to your community involvement.

Why does having a brand personality matter?

1. Differentiates you from your competition.


You know your shop is different from your competitor’s, so it’s up to you to show your customers what sets you apart from everyone else. Everything – from the visual parts of your business to the other contributing factors – should show your customers that you’re different and who they should go to get their vehicle repaired. There are so many aspects of your business that contribute to your brand personality, just like a lot of things contribute to your own personality, and they should always be accurately representing your shop’s brand.

2. Shows customers what is important to your business.

Your brand personality can show that your shop is focused on more than money, strengthening the relationship between you and your customer. Community involvement is a great way to help shape your brand’s personality by showing your customers what’s important to your business. I love seeing all the different initiatives so many of our clients are involved in – from sponsoring local baseball teams to hosting women’s clinics to ensure customers have a better understanding of their vehicles. There are many opportunities for your shop to get involved in its community, so explore them, find the right one, and get started!

3. Builds trust with your customers.

Trust is affected through every interaction your customers have with your business. This means your shop must focus on making sure your brand is consistently being represented, and your brand personality is conveying what you want it to in a way that will engage your audience, build trust with them, and ultimately draw them into your business.

How can I improve my brand personality?

Sharing what’s going on in your shop, or in the things your shop is involved in, is so important to your brand personality. Create a community page on your website highlighting your community involvement, write blog posts, post pictures on social media – there are a lot of platforms you can use to share what you’re doing and show off your brand personality!

Social media is a great tool to use to help engage your audience. With the ability to update and the direct connection it provides to your customer base, this is the place you can share what’s going on in your shop on a daily basis! Do you have an awesome vintage car in the shop? Did someone find a cat (preferably unharmed) inside a car? Did your head Service Advisor just celebrate his 20 year anniversary? Share it! All these updates help current and potential customers understand your shop’s personality and what differentiates you from your competitors.

Putting it into practice

Cardinal Plaza Shell has done a great job with branding their business and creating a brand personality that separates themselves from the competition. Their community involvement is incredible, and they are consistently promoting and highlighting it through their community page and on their Facebook page. If your shop is ready to start building a strong brand personality, contact us today!

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