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The automotive industry is our past, present, and future. Our founder and CEO, Danny Sanchez, grew up spending countless hours in his dad’s repair shop in California. He eventually took over and began running the business himself, only to later discover that he had a keen interest (and knack) for internet marketing. Back in 1998 when the web was just taking off, Danny founded Autoshop Solutions under its original name of Auto Web Solutions. With a successful history as a shop owner, he used the new company to consult other repair shops on good business practices and overall web presence.

As much as the internet has evolved in the 20 years since, as has the company itself. What began as a small operation has grown to a full-scale marketing agency driven by our dedication to the automotive industry. We deliver really powerful marketing solutions to auto shops worldwide, from tailor-made websites to expertly-executed campaigns, so that together we can drive the industry forward. Danny built the foundation years ago with just a handful of clients and has grown the company into the award-winning Autoshop Solutions you see today.

Danny Sanchez

Founder & CEO

Listen as Danny speaks with Carm Capriotto & gives advice on what shops can do to help their marketing efforts:

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From home-based business to Internet Marketing Agency

Originally founded in 1998 as Auto Web Solutions, our founder Danny Sanchez had one main goal in mind: providing quality affordable websites, designed exclusively for the automotive industry. On top of this, he was also able to consult with these shop owners and coach them on best practices for running a successful shop. By becoming a pioneer for auto shops on the internet, he started the business already ahead.

In 2009, Danny shifted our strategy away from consulting into further growing the marketing side of the business. Auto Web Solutions officially became Autoshop Solutions, complete with a new logo and a refocused direction. This same year, two of our clients’ sites were awarded Auto Inc. Magazine’s Top 10 Automotive Repair Websites. That was all the proof we needed to show that we were headed in the right direction.

Just around the corner, 2010 was a pivotal time for Autoshop Solutions. In February, we transitioned from a home-based business to our first small office in Apex, North Carolina. Our most senior team members remember sitting at desks in the hallway, two to three people per desk. Getting up for coffee meant asking someone to move out of the way! We also won five of Auto Inc. Magazine’s Top 10 award, making it our second annual year in a row.

In 2014, Autoshop Solutions burst at the seams, yet again, building out its small office space into the state-of-the-art internet marketing and web design agency you see today! We cleared five more Auto Inc. Top Ten awards, and welcomed many new team members, products and services to our arsenal.

Coming around to modern day, 2018 proves more successful than ever for the team at Autoshop Solutions. We’ve reached 9 years running of winning Auto Inc.’s Top 10 Websites awards. By building new partnerships, staying on top of cutting-edge tactics, and revolutionizing the market with our RPM services, the future of the automotive industry has never looked brighter.

Thanks to our incredible growth over the years, we’ve been able to stay in our current location since July 2011 by continually expanding the space to suit our needs. With bright offices and automotive-themed decor throughout the building, we’re able to remain dedicated to our founding principles of excellent customer service, high quality work, and a core focus on the automotive industry. With tools on the wall, half a car in the office (literally), and a road map for success, we continue to drive business forward.

In fact, the heart of our office is called “The Garage,” since it’s an open bay with a garage door that gets rolled up when the weather’s nice. If we let him, Danny would probably install a hoist and start changing oil on our team members’ cars! By building a creative automotive space, we keep our team working hard and playing hard. Marketing requires creativity and ingenuity which is why our office is custom designed to bring out the best in our team. Plus, we love visitors! If you’re ever in the Raleigh NC area, don’t miss the opportunity to drop by, meet our team, and check out the space!

Our Office Reflects Our Automotive Focus

Our Culture

We take our responsibility to our clients seriously. We are focused. At the same time, we have a great time getting the job done. Sometimes our office is so quiet you can hear a pin drop; while at other times, every marketing services team member has a client on the phone and there are beach balls flying across the garage.

We take great pride in our team-building skills. We carefully select and screen each new team member for their individual talents and their fit with our company culture. Although not a requirement, skills with a Nerf gun are considered a valuable asset.

Our Commitment

We continue to grow through the success of our clients. We understand better than most that if you stand still in the Internet marketing industry, you are already two years behind. We are constantly researching and testing new technology in online marketing.


Grown Organically & Profitably

Autoshop Solutions is a self-funded, privately-owned corporation. We have grown organically since our launch in 2005. Being independent and rejecting venture capital or angel money has been critical to our ability to innovate and develop cutting-edge products and services for the automotive industry. “Instead of listening to investors, we listened to our clients,” says CEO, Danny Sanchez, “We direct more dollars into profitable tools for our clients, instead of paying investors or debt.”


We Are A Debt-Free Operation

Being debt-free keeps our rates lower and competitive, while delivering the best tools and services in the automotive industry. “Being fiscally responsible to our clients, team members and community is part of our long term growth plan,” said CEO, Danny Sanchez. At Autoshop Solutions, we are only as good as the next team member! We have an amazingly talented team! Our company culture is driven, focused and we have a great time getting the job done!

Autoshop Solutions is a proud member of the following associations:

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