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How to Plan & Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Part I

The new year is upon us! 2016 was a long year, and 2017 is the year of change. This makes it a great time to pump up your marketing game with a digital marketing strategy. What is a digital marketing strategy, you ask? A digital marketing strategy is a plan of action that we can focus your marketing around to achieve a specific goal. As Account Managers, we love to talk to you about your marketing goals. In fact, we’ll actually give you some great advice on what is working for you, how you could improve and what’s just a fading trend. This is why it’s important to have some form of digital marketing strategy.

As you develop your marketing strategy, here are some tips to help optimize your digital marketing to meet your goals:

Deals as Tough As Steel

A yearly or quarterly promotions plan can help target your campaigns whether you have Facebook Ads, Adwords or just a website. There are two strategies to creating a promotion plan. One is driving traffic to specific platforms through the use of promotions; the other is focused on driving traffic into your shop by publishing promotions on all your available platforms to create consistency. An example of driving traffic to a specific platform would be offering a promotion only to your Facebook fans through Facebook posts and ads.

After you decide how you’d like to use your promotions plan, create a calendar of monthly promotions for the year. This allows you to plan out your year and plan ahead for future promotions, such as keeping more inventory in stock for a particular special. This will also make it easier to coordinate all of your marketing efforts in an efficient manner, meaning you get more out of your buck.

Become a Pillar in Your Community

Some of our most successful clients are involved in their communities and use that in their marketing strategies. Getting involved in your community is a great way to give back while also working to pump up your marketing game. Sponsoring or hosting an event? Let us know! We can add this to your website and your social campaigns or even write a blog. We can even run a Facebook Ad campaign to drive traffic and advertise for it through your site! These are just tiny ways that creating a bare-boned yearly or quarterly plan can help you achieve your marketing goals, whether it’s more traffic in your shop or on your platforms.

Developing your digital strategy doesn’t end here. It’s so important we’ve separated out the post into two blogs to help you better build and create your strategy! Don’t worry, we’ll remind you in our next newsletter. Until then, be sure to start creating the bare bones of your digital marketing through a promotions plan and community calendar. Need help? Contact your Account Manager to find out where you could be improving!

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