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How to Plan & Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Part II

It’s time for How to Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Part II! Last week, we posted the first part of a two-part blog with some tips on how you should develop and plan your digital marketing strategy. Missed out? Check out the first blog here. Why is this important? Having a planned set of goals and calendars can help your Marketing Specialist and Account Manager better optimize your marketing campaigns for your goals, especially if your goals change by the season. But we’ve got a couple more tips for you below before you finalize your new 2017 digital marketing strategy!

Show Me The Money!

An important aspect of building a successful digital marketing campaign is knowing what services actually bring money into your shop or simply bring in traffic. For example, oil changes are a popular promotion. They have the potential to bring in lots of traffic from both returning and new customers, but they don’t normally bring back a lot of profit to the shop. Knowing what services bring in traffic versus profit allows you to decide how much to spend on each service. If you goal is to bring in traffic, then you should spend more on popular services that drive traffic. If your goal is to increase profit, then focus on services that have a larger profit margin. This is especially import when you have an AdWords campaign or an SEO program. I’m sure you remember the dreaded question that your Account Manager asked during your website interview: What services would you like to focus your SEO keywords on? Knowing your goals and your service profit margins could help you decide which keywords to choose. In the same way, as your goals change, Account Managers can update your Adwords account to reflect your new goals by pausing or adding specific services.

Knowing this information even ties back to our first digital strategy blog. You can arrange your promotions calendar around your seasonal goals. Tax season is around the corner? Drive your marketing to focus on high-profit service. Winter is slow? Drive business volume by offering an oil change and brake special. Use all the information available to you as you develop your digital marketing strategy so that your marketing program can work for your needs, not against them.

Know Your Goals.

I promise, I’m almost done! My last hint in developing a digital marketing strategy is to know your goals. It can be easy to develop a great promotions calendar without thinking about what your goals are and how those goals change depending on the season. Start by deciding on your overall goal for the year. What do you want to do? Get more clients? Keep your clients coming back? Or even become a family name in your community? Most of these can be translated to an underlying goal or goals that you can build your digital marketing strategy on:

  • Increased Retention: Maintaining more of your client base for longer
  • Client Acquisition: Garnering more new first time clients
  • Brand Awareness: Becoming a community staple through top-of-mind awareness and word of mouth

    By knowing what your goals are, your Account Manager can help optimize your marketing efforts to hone in on your goals, which means you are more likely to see the return you were looking for. This is relevant no matter what type of marketing services your opted in for. After you’ve developed your digital marketing strategy, be sure to contact your Account Manager, so that they can help align your marketing to better fit your needs!

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