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Three Reasons Why Automotive Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Three Reasons Why Automotive Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Marketing Can Help Your Business Shift Into Drive in 2020

How important is marketing during a pandemic? What if I need to cut back on costs? Can I save money by reducing my marketing budget? Autoshop Solutions understands that shop owners have a lot of questions on their mind these days. As the industry’s trusted automotive marketing experts, we’re here to provide perspective on the value of marketing in 2020.

1. Your Customers Are Online and You Should Be Too

Auto repairs and maintenance are undoubtedly essential. As always, vehicle owners need to know their cars are dependable. It’s more important than ever that drivers can find, schedule, and pay for automotive services online. While consumer habits are shifting to digital, it’s increasingly important that your shop does the same. Now is the time to shift into drive and focus on your business’ digital marketing.

Autoshop Solutions offers mobile-friendly websites that make it easy for your customers to find you and schedule an appointment at your shop. Every website has an online scheduling form and can also be equipped with an online checkout tool for contactless, remote payment.

2. Cutting Back on Marketing Will Cost You

In marketing, consistency is everything. While we understand this time is challenging, we don’t want any auto repair shops to make uninformed decisions. If you stop marketing during the pandemic, you will lose momentum, audience awareness, and any new customers. When you start looking to build your customer base again later, it will be more costly to buy them back because it costs more to drive new customers than to retain them.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to cut your marketing budget, you might want to ask if your business can afford to lose the revenue driven by your audience. The most successful auto repair shops know that they can never stop marketing since they always need to drive new traffic to their business. That’s why they don’t take their foot off of the gas, even through times like this. Simply put, cutting back on marketing could cost your auto repair shop more than what it saves.

A depiction of traffic after the pause of a paid search campaign

A depiction of traffic after the client changed their ad material to focus on covid related changes to improve the customer’s experience

3. Auto Repair Search is Skyrocketing

If Google searches for “auto repair” and other automotive keywords took a dive at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, they are now more than recovered. Our SEO experts have identified that search interest for automotive repair based search queries have doubled from three months ago.

Google trends search interest on the phrase auto repair.

Our SEO team explains, “that means that more people are on Google actively searching for auto repair shops to have their vehicles repaired and are in need of your services.” If you have a strong marketing campaign now, you will capture and capitalize on this interest. If you don’t, it’s not too late to start. While we don’t know what the future holds for the rest of 2020, we do know that search volume for automotive services is high right now, which makes now the perfect time to go all in with your marketing.

Shift Into Drive and Accelerate Your Marketing

2020 has been different and challenging, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to cut back on your marketing efforts. Just the opposite is true. Now, more than ever, your business needs marketing and could stand to gain a lot from it. People are searching for auto repair online, and you can gain and retain new customers with a comprehensive marketing strategy carried out by Autoshop Solutions. Contact us today to discuss and optimize your automotive marketing with our experts.

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