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Your Competition Is Using Video, Why Aren’t You?

Time to Shift Into Drive and Accelerate Your Marketing

Video Is Not New…

You hear it all the time, here is the newest most up to date trend….. blah, blah, blah. Not everyone is an expert videographer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become one. Video is your window of opportunity to show your customers a unique perspective into your shop’s inner workings. This is a narrative you as an owner can control, which allows you to educate, promote to, and entertain your customer base. Now let’s shift gears!

Why You Need Video.

People are consuming video content daily like it’s their last meal on earth. Video is being utilized by successful brands in industries across the board and it is time for automotive repair to join the mix. In the graph below the studies show that in 2019 people spent 84 minutes daily watching video, and the number is expected to reach 100 min by 2021. We’ve seen time and time again that our shop’s that use video see higher call volumes, online customer engagement, and fuller bays. Now let’s take a look at some proven video marketing methods that will help enhance your video shooting techniques.

Don’t Be Afraid.

No human ever became interested by not failing. In order to learn, you have to fail. Everyone’s customer base is different. By shooting different aspects of the shop you will quickly be able to understand the content your customer base is looking for.


When in the shop you can shoot videos of current shop promotions, unique repair jobs, team member highlights, contactless services you provide, and maintenance tips!

Ready to Shoot?

Be aware of your surroundings! Shop cleanliness, background noise, and lighting all play a key role in how your message is delivered and received.

  • Be Aware Of Your Surroundings:
    • First impressions count. Background distractions and clutter can deter the viewers’ attention from the speaker or message trying to be portrayed. This could be the first glimpse of your brand that most people are going to see, so make it count.
  • Be Aware of Time:
    • Try to keep videos under a minute in order to keep your viewers attention. Statistics point out that the recommended length for videos is 30 seconds.
  • Multiple Takes Are Ok:
    • Once you have recorded your video, take time to review your creation and be critical of your work. If the lighting is poor, move to an area with more natural lighting. If the background noise in the shop is too loud, move to an area with less noise. These subtle changes can be the difference-maker in drastically improving your video quality
  • Have Fun:
    • This is simple. If you are frustrated or not having fun take a break. This should be an enjoyable experience for you and your team. When you’re having fun, you make great videos.

Check out a few of the videos that we have created for our clients!

We Are Here to Help!

Our team of Autoshop marketing experts are here to help you Shift Into Drive. Whether it’s video production, social media management, paid search, or you need a new website we can do it all! Give our team a call today or fill out the form below to hear about how our proven marketing methods can help accelerate your shop’s marketing. Enjoy being creative!

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