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Marketing Buzzwords and Why They Are Important To Your Shop

Defining Common Marketing Terms

If you’ve been involved with your auto shop’s digital marketing at any point, you may have heard a few confusing acronyms getting thrown around, like PPC, SEO, NAP, and GMB. There are other terms, too, like keywords, mobile-responsive, and social. What exactly do all these things mean? Here’s your guide to internet marketing terminology.

Mobile Responsive Websites

A mobile responsive website can be easily viewed on a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet. Years ago, you might need two websites, one for the computer and one with the capability to work on mobile devices. Now, a mobile responsive website is all you need. And yes, it is a need since nearly 65% of internet users are using their cell phones to search the web!


PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and is a form of marketing where you buy ad space on search engine platforms like Google or Bing, or on social media sites, like Facebook or Instagram. They are paid ads that only charge when someone clicks on them — hence “pay-per-click.” PPC helps you cut in line to the top of a user’s view when they search for your services, such as ‘auto repair.’


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the most complex parts of internet marketing, involving many different contribution components and factors. Some of these include your website, content, NAP, and GMB. All these factors come together to determine your place in search results. SEO is all about getting you on the first page right in front of users.


Sometimes marketers use social in a quick reference to social media or platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While these two are the most popular social media sites, there are others that are up and coming or already prevalent depending on your niche and goals.


Content refers to the words that are written on your website. These serve a different purpose than what you might think. Content should be written for search engine optimization, to tell search engines like Google or Bing what you do. Optimizing content according to algorithms is tricky work since search engines don’t share their secrets transparently. However, with the right stuff, your content will make sure your site is indexed and ranked.


The term “keywords” is most commonly used to refer to the services you want to rank for. Another way to think about it is to ask, “what do you want to get found for on Google?” Your answer — something like ‘auto repair’ or ‘brake repair’ — is a keyword.


GMB is the acronym for Google My Business, and is a must have for any strong SEO campaign. It shows important information about your business in Google’s search results.

Have questions about marketing terms or what’s needed to get your auto shop found online? Contact Autoshop Solutions! We’re the automotive industry’s partner for all things digital marketing!

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