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Are You Maximizing Your Ads Budget?

Perhaps this is your first venture spending money advertising on Google. It can be a big investment and we get it! You aren’t completely bought into the idea yet and don’t know if and how it’s going to yield results. If you are just starting a brand new digital marketing campaign, this additional cost can seem excessive.

If you looked at other business verticals and saw what they are spending per day you would probably spit out your morning coffee. Clothing lines and other verticals have already done all the homework and know what works and know what they need to spend to ensure they get the new client or sale. It’s time you do it too.

Your competitors are outspending you.

If you are a seasoned veteran on paid search, you already know what kind of ROI comes with the investment. You know how many additional clicks you can get and you know how many of those will convert into a new customer. If this is your first venture into a paid search campaign it seems like a waste of dollars. Do you know who isn’t afraid to spend more money on ads than you? Your local competition.

Guess what? This makes your competition happy. They are more than happy to pay for that $5 click for a potential job. Another click they get is one less click you get. Another call for them is another opportunity to become a million dollar operation.

The possibilities are endless.

The number of repair terms you can bid on is almost endless and Google Ads isn’t the only paid search platform in the game. There are many other platforms you could be using to run paid ads. If you’re already saturated on Google, head on over to Facebook or Bing and start running an ad campaign over there.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

So why aren’t you spending more on your digital marketing campaign? Next time you talk to your Account Manager, ask what kind of clicks you could be getting if you maxed out your daily budget. Run the numbers, look at your ARO, and see what the possibilities could be! Remember, marketing is a number game. The more often you can get your ads to come up, the more opportunities you have to get new customers.

Tony Mercury

Tony Mercury