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Back To Basics: PPC Part 1

Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

We’re going to the basics, and it’s time to take a look at how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing benefits your shop. It is one of the key aspects of online marketing, which is why Autoshop Solutions includes it as part of our ongoing services for our customers.

What is PPC?

Have you ever searched on Google and seen an ad pop up at the top of the results page? If you click on it, you are participating in a company’s Pay-Per-Click campaign. The company will be charged for each time the ad is clicked. PPC campaigns have a set target and budget, and when that runs out, the ads stop showing to users searching for those targeted products or services. Ensuring that ads are showing to the right people at the right time is the key to success with a PPC campaign.

Our team of certified specialists at Autoshop Solutions are the experts when it comes to Pay-Per-Click marketing in the Automotive Industry.

What Kind of PPC Campaigns Can You Run?

There are a variety of PPC campaigns that can be run through Google, Bing, and Facebook. This post will cover Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Be sure to stay tuned to learn about Facebook campaigns next!


Within Google, there are four kinds of campaigns that can be run: Search, Display, Video, & Shopping.

  1. Search: Our team always recommends having a Google Search campaign. As a well-known, red-headed mermaid once said, “I want to be where the people are.” Well, the people are searching on Google. According to data collected from the Global Web Index, about 98% of Internet users utilize a search engine every month. 63% of users were likely to pick Google over other search engines.
  2. Display: These ads are extremely visual and are great for remarketing purposes. The goal of these ads is to stand out on a page that has a lot of other noise. Typically, these are for users that have been to your site but maybe didn’t make an appointment. Our goal is to serve them something that is visually appealing enough to make them notice the ad, and secondly, bring them back to your site to make that appointment for their vehicle. We want to keep your shop top of mind, so they choose you when they are ready to bring in their vehicle.
  3. Video: A growing majority of American adults use YouTube, and video is a growing trend in marketing. Having content that is engaging & targeted correctly is the best way to see results from video ads. Our job is to make sure that the right people are seeing your ads at the right time.
  4. Shopping: These ads are great if you are selling a specific product. If you would like to feature specific tires you are promoting and selling online, shopping ads might be a good option for your shop. These highlight the features and offer easy-to-use “Buy Now” options right on the ad.

Does PPC Really Make a Difference?

It’s hard to tell the impact of PPC until you take it away. This data shows a massive dip call in call volume from a client during March to May when they stopped running their Google PPC ads. Once the client’s ads began running again in May, their call volume picked up again!

Why Choose Autoshop Solutions?

Let us tell your shop’s story. We want people to know what makes your shop special! With a custom site backed by PPC and the other services, Autoshop Solutions will make sure that people see you online and will choose you for their vehicle’s needs. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Elizabeth Myers

Elizabeth Myers