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4 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Google Ads

4 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Google Ads

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Google Ads Paid Search Campaigns are one of the best ways to get more customers in your shop. They easily kickstart more traffic on your website and shop since they ramp up in as little as 2-3 months and allow you to change directions as needed. But they need to be set up correctly! Do you know if you're making mistakes with Google Ads that could be hurting your growth opportunities? Let's find out together.

1. Running Two Ads Accounts at Once

If you’re trying to run two or more Google Ads Accounts at once, you might not be getting the most bang for your buck. This is one of those situations where the sum is less than the whole. Google only allows a website address (ex. to show up in one Google Ads account at a time. If another account is also directing people to the same website, Google will flag one—or both—and they could be potentially shut down.

Running two or more Ads Accounts is a bad habit in the marketing world — kind of like shifting gears while the car is still rolling. If you’re running ads independently from your marketing agency, you’re sending multiple messages to your customers, which can create confusion among your client base and result in fewer conversions (aka, fewer opportunities).

Running two or more Ads Accounts can also drive up the costs for both advertising efforts. Google uses Match Types in Paid Search, which have a complex system for showing your ads. Google will judge whether or not the ads are related and may show them for the same searches, creating higher costs for each one.

2. Ignoring Copyrights

Another way you might be crippling your Google Ads is by ignoring copyright restrictions for automotive manufacturers. While you can bid on someone searching for the term “BMW Oil Change,” for example, you cannot use “BMW” in your ad without approval from the manufacturer.

Test this yourself! Search for a BMW Oil Change in your town. You will likely see at least one dealership using BMW in their ad copy, followed by independent shops or large chain stores mentioning something generic, like “oil change”. This is because the dealership is officially licensed to use “BMW.” And BMW isn’t the only one that does this!

Autoshop Solutions understands that if ads contain any copyrighted terms, Google may limit how your ad appears to the majority of users. An “Approved (limited)” ad situation such as this can be detrimental to your campaign, driving up costs per click and shielding potential customers from ever seeing your ad.

3. Not Sharing Events With Your Marketing Agency

Here’s one thing that ruffles up the Autoshop Solutions Pay-Per-Click team: When our customers don’t inform us of any big events they have going on in their community. It’s not that we were expecting an invite (although that would make our day!) It’s that these can be a huge opportunity for your Google Ads!

If you’re hosting a large event, sponsoring an organization, or doing anything cool in your community, we can utilize the connections you’re creating as extensions for Google Ads. People love to see that their local shop is a part of their community, and we can help build that reputation for your brand with your ads.

Often, what happens is that shops simply don’t think about sharing their big events with their marketing agency, or they think that the event isn’t relevant to their marketing. We want you to know that’s absolutely not the case! The more we know about your business and what you have going on, the more we can hone our advice and strategy for your campaign.

4. Getting Antsy

This is the big one. Remember when we said that ads ramp up in as little as 2-3 months? Here’s why: Google follows a procedure before displaying an ad. They want to get information about your site performance, how people interact with your business online, and what people are looking for when they get to your website.

Imagine that a new pizza place has opened in town. As a fan of good pizza, you might ask someone who has gone, “is it any good?” They might tell you that, indeed, the pizza is fantastic, and you should take your lunch break now to try a slice. You might take the initiative, or you might not. If 15 people were to tell you the same thing, you’d definitely be stopping by the new pizza joint very soon for a taste.

Google Ads works similarly. Google needs time to evaluate how people respond to your ads when they land on your site before it shows them ahead of other competing ads. It’s like a soft launch for your ad. The “Ramp-Up Period,” as we like to call it, before your ad really gets rolling can take up to three months. It’s important to be patient during this timeframe and trust that your ad will improve over time once Google has had a chance to do its thing.

We Can Help

When done right, Google Ads Paid Search Campaigns are a highly effective marketing tactic to kickstart traffic to your website and shop. Any of these mistakes could be critically hindering your opportunities. Autoshop Solutions is here to help automotive businesses deploy effective marketing. Reach out to our Pay-Per-Click experts today if you would like to assess your ads!

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