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Social Media Platforms—What Stands Out in the Crowd

Social Media Platforms—What Stands Out in the Crowd

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Break Through the Noise on Social Platforms

There’s one big social media dilemma that always stirs up some chatter, and at times we all find ourselves in the debate. How do you decide what to post on a social platform to stand out in the crowd? Your audience on Facebook is likely not the same as your audience on Instagram or TikTok, and each audience has different expectations.

What social media platform does your target audience use? What do you post, and what’s the purpose? There’s a lot at stake, and a lot to consider. Check out our tips on what to say and where to say it.


Twitter is a micro-blogging site that limits posts to 140 characters. This makes it perfect for sharing quick updates, thoughts, and ideas. It’s also great for finding and sharing content from other sources. Twitter favors text over images, and it’s one of the best platforms to hop on current hashtags, memes, and trends.


Instagram is a visual-first network. It’s always favored photos, but recently it favors videos and reels even more. High-quality visuals are king here, whether that’s photography, text graphics, or even funny memes and screenshots of tweets. A reel is a short-form video of 60 seconds or less, allowing you to bring your brand to life.


Unlike Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, Facebook allows it all. But based on what its audience expects, it’s an ideal place for sharing longer pieces of content, such as articles, videos, and images. Facebook is where many family members and friends connect, so it’s also naturally an appropriate platform for more personal posts. This is where you post your employee’s birthday celebrations, Cinco de Mayo work parties, events at your workplace, and behind-the-scenes stories. Show your personality!


LinkedIn is the place to build yourself up as a thought leader. It’s a professional network, so your posts and profile should reflect that. LinkedIn is all about sharing content to help you land a job, grow your business, or connect you with people in your professional network. It’s an ideal platform for sharing articles, blog posts, and other forms of long-form content.


A TikTok is a short, vertical video. Users appreciate authentic, raw, relatable moments, but they also appreciate trends, humor, originality, learning, and creativity. TikTok is quickly overtaking more traditional social sites by becoming the new face of marketing. As an auto shop, you may post some tips and tricks about cars that can benefit the average person.


Google My Business allows you to communicate with your local customers directly. It’s a great way to promote specials, events, sales, and news. This can help improve your customer’s experience and also help show them that you are an active business.

What NOT to post

Then there are some things you just shouldn’t post on your business’s social media channels. Politics and social issues, religion, criticizing your competition, arguing, rants about clients, personal drama, anything illegal, going way off topic from your business—things you should save for your profile. Sharing individual posts is a strong strategy, but not TOO personal.

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Key Takeaways

Sharing your content on social media is important, but the number one thing you should take away from this video is that your audience is on multiple platforms. And they’ve grown to expect different kinds of content on each platform.

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Want to learn more about our services? Or watch this blog in action. Please visit autoshopsolutions.com/academy or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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