Understanding Google Map Ads

How to Run Google Map Ads in PPC Campaigns

How to Run Google Map Ads in PPC Campaigns

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Why has Google been pushing the use of their Smart Campaigns as a way to utilize Google Maps?

A Smart Campaign essentially gives Google resources and permissions to show your ads in places that are not only on the search engine. When you give Google this permission, you don’t really have much control over where your ads are seen or even sometimes what they say. Google explains that its algorithm picks and chooses only the best spots for your ads. While this may be true, their definition of the best spot usually means the best spot for Google, not your shop.

At Autoshop Solutions, we link our customer’s Google My Business Profile to Google Ads and use this link to show ads on Google Maps.

The Maps platform looks for the advertiser’s address. When a searcher close by types in a phrase such as “Brake repair near me” or “Local Tire Replacement,” your ad is eligible to show up. It may appear in the map pack, Google Maps, and a text ad on the Search Engine Results Page.

The Auto Repair industry is catching up and starting to ask for Google Maps Advertising.

Google Maps Advertising can benefit your business and is one of the significant ways shops get found online. It is an essential piece of the search engine puzzle, which is why we have been doing it for years.

Autoshop Solutions has many other solutions to help you get found online and incorporate new advertising tactics that can benefit your business. We can help you implement these tactics on your Google advertising, help you get found online more easily, and get more cars in your shop.

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