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Don’t Panic. Lead By Example In Your Industry!

Adapt and Thrive in Strange Times

The auto repair industry is a service-based industry. Taking care of cars is important, but so is taking care of the people that drive them. During these strange times, showing skills in customer service is critical. Vehicle owners need auto care providers to keep their cars running reliably, and they also need those providers to go above and beyond in safety and convenience measures. Now is the time for your shop to step up and become an exemplary leader for your community.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

While we all want parts of life to go back to normal as soon as possible, how people think about their health and safety will be affected long term. That means the way we provide service needs to adapt, too. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your usual comfort zone to support your customers during and after social distancing.

QUICK TIP If it makes sense for your business, show support for your community’s healthcare workers with a service discount. You could also demonstrate volunteerism with a grocery delivery service.

Don’t Do Nothing

To help #flattenthecurve, people across the country are staying home. That might mean that your shop has fewer cars in the bays. In that case, don’t stop or shut down. That’s exactly when you need to pick up the pace of your marketing efforts to ensure your community knows that you are open and able to serve them.

QUICK TIP Auto repair is essential, but that doesn’t mean drivers are prioritizing repairs. Why not create some content to steer them in a safe direction? Educate them about the importance of having a reliable vehicle and what basic maintenance is necessary.

Don’t Let the Communication Drop

With so many changes during these strange times, businesses must communicate with their customers. Even if you haven’t made changes to your normal operations or hours, you should still share that information, so customers know without a doubt that you are open and available.

QUICK TIP Use the door sign download from Autoshop Solutions to display your business hours on social media and at your shop’s location.

We want to see what your business is doing to stay strong during these strange times! Use the hashtag #DontPanicPivot on your posts and updates so that we can feature automotive repair shops that are killing the marketing game!

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