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How to Make Your Content Sparkle

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Anyone can write content these days, as new blog posts, articles, and updates are being published daily. From gripping stories to boring breakdowns, you can probably find it all from just a few Google searches. But what does it take to create truly compelling content? Content that’ll engage your client’s audience, promote questions, and have them constantly reloading your blog page for the next post?

Well, it takes a little more than writing, rewriting, and editing. To create content that will engage, it requires a concentrated effort to the process outside of writing. Wondering what this “process” is? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Here are three writing tips that’ll get you on your way to writing the compelling content your client has been craving!

Capture Their Voice

One of the best ways to capture the attention of your audience is to understand the voice of your customer. Are they professional and like to get straight to the point? Or maybe they’re more casual and laid-back. Regardless of what they may be, it’s up to you to find it and bring it into the content. How can you do that? Well, the best way to approach it is by simply talking to your customer. Examine not only their words but how they say it and their mannerisms. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn by just focusing on those two things!

But sometimes that may not always be an option, so how else can you learn about your client? By researching their online footprint. If they’re a business, look through some reviews and see what customers have to say. If they have a social media page like Facebook or Instagram, see what they post and how they respond to comments from others! Although nothing replaces a great, personal conversation, you can learn a lot about an individual by viewing their online presence!

Know Your Audience

Another way to capturing the attention of your audience? Knowing who they are. You can create the best piece of content possible, but if you’re talking to the wrong crowd you’ll quickly lose interest. Take time to understand your clients current market and how they’ve reacted to similar content in the past. Is there a post that they really engaged with? Was there some backlash? Or was there no engagement at all? All of these things are important to know before writing, as that information will be your “guiding light” as your content begins to take shape.

One other thing to keep in mind when you’re researching your audience is understanding where they are in the buying process (if applicable). While some customers may be ready to buy, others may be in the researching phase. Make sure you keep this in mind with your content and gear your content to one person or the other. The last thing you want is someone who’s ready to buy reading your content that was intended for someone researching.

Expand on a Keyword

Around 10 or so years ago, stuffing a page with one specific keyword and all of its small co-variants was a legitimate method! This helped the content rank well in Google, as the system was still growing back then. It’s safe to say that in 2018, that is no longer the case. You can’t get away with writing down similar key phrases such as “automotive vehicle,” “automobile,” and “car.” No, in today’s age, you need to go beyond the keyword. Instead of reiterating different ways to say “automobiles,” discuss the latest models to be released in the market and what new features they come with. Talk about how the new rearview camera has changed driving in today’s age. By expanding on the keyword or phrase, not only are you showing the system your content is legitimate, you’re also helping your readers find what they’re looking for. That, in turn, will help you rank better on search engines!

One other method you can do to spice up your content is to create links to other leading authorities. It shows Google you’re providing the reader with the most information possible to help answer their question or solve their problem, which will help you rank better! Along with that, the owner of the site may notice what you’ve done and even link some of your pieces on their content, which will help with your exposure!

Parting Thoughts

When it comes to creating content, remember that you’re always one post away from “blowing up.” By keeping these keys in mind, you’ll be able to increase the chances of exposure, connect with the audience on a deeper level, and have your customer ready and waiting for more content. Good luck!

Michael Avila

Michael Avila