What is the benefit of running a Google Adwords campaign?

What is the benefit of running a Google Adwords campaign?

Google Adwords allows us to bid on a large range of keywords that are relative to your business, and control the ad content that someone sees based on what keywords they’re searching. Being that your website can only rank organically for basic keyword searches relative to your business (“auto repair”, “auto body shop”, etc.), Adwords allows you to have a presence for all of the other, more specific keywords that potential customers are searching every day. This includes service specific searches (“brake repair”, “oil change”, etc.), or searches for auto repair in nearby markets.

Adwords is controllable and immediate. As soon as we activate your account, your ads are eligible to start running. We target your ads to run only in a local area around your shop, to be sure that the dollars you’re spending are going to qualified potential customers. We set a max dollar amount in Google, to control your monthly spend with google on PPC ads every month.

Written by Jessica Lucas

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