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Back to the Basics: Social Media

Back to the Basics: Social Media

What You Need to Know About Social Media

Hey, we get it. Social can seem scary. Social media can even seem pointless at times. But when used correctly, social media can be the extra push you need to top your local competition. Our Back to the Basics Series continues here with our coverage of social media and its positive effects on your shop’s marketing!

What is Social Media?

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been in the game of connecting people since 2004. Over the years, social platforms have changed and now it is not only a way to connect with old high school friends, but it has also become a powerhouse in the department of connecting businesses with potential customers. Social media can best be described as a genre of web-based platforms that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities. As users ourselves, we create personal pages to connect with family, friends, and colleagues. For auto repair shop owners, we most commonly suggest creating a Facebook Business Page.

How Does Social Media Help Auto Shops?

On your Business Page, Facebook provides your shop with the opportunity to build a community of followers who will support and invest in your brand. When building this community, content for the page must be created and posted on a consistent basis. The best content is always one that tells the story of your business: its history, present-day endeavors, and future goals. Content that tells your shop’s story, in turn, gives the customer an inside look at the company to whom their hard-earned dollars will be invested in, which is information today’s user is particularly drawn to. Essentially you are offering people the opportunity to buy into your shop and be a part of the process, creating lifelong customers in the process. If you need help coming up with ideas, check out a recent blog post from our social team: social media ideas for your shop.

Here are some examples of content you can post:

  • A post highlighting a photo of the founders and story of your shop.
  • A post highlighting intriguing vehicles that come through your shop.
  • A post highlighting before and after pictures of repairs done in your shop.
  • A post highlighting community collaborations, prompting followers to become excited about the opportunity to be involved.

What Does Autoshop Solutions Offer With Social Media in the Really Powerful Marketing (RPM) Programs?

At Autoshop Solutions, we know that social media is a crucial part of successful marketing, which is why we have an experienced team dedicated to it. If you don’t want to dig into the details of what to post, when to post it, how to promote it, or where to focus an ad budget, you don’t have to. Our team has successfully implemented powerful social media marketing strategies for auto repair shops, and we can do the same for you! Check out RPM Social Media packages here!

Josh Scott

Josh Scott