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Shift Into Drive: Accelerate Your Marketing With Autoshop Solutions

What to Expect and How to Move Forward

What does the future look like for the automotive industry? What can auto shops expect, and what can they do for their marketing in the rest of 2020? Autoshop Solutions has identified some key trends and has actionable advice for automotive businesses. Our prediction: It’s time to shift into drive!

More Summer Road Trips

As stay-at-home orders lift, travel will start again, but experts think more people will travel by car instead of flying. This change means business for the auto repair industry! When people take their cars on road trips, they need repairs and maintenance. Your shop can be there for them beforehand with preventative maintenance to ensure they have a great vacation. Your team can also be there for anyone who has unexpected issues in your area during their journey.

Target Your Services

A great step forward for auto repair shops is to offer service packages for road trippers. Let your customers know what you can do to get their vehicles road-ready. Quick service with your team could set them up for a perfect vacation, free from the stress of car problems. Now is an excellent time to focus your marketing on the basic maintenance items most drivers need before summer, like AC service, oil changes, and more. Not sure how to make the most of your marketing channels? That’s why our team is here!

Fewer New Car Purchases

Cox Automotive estimates that new vehicle sales are down 28% year over year, and that used-vehicle sales are up 6% year over year. While the used car sales market thrives and more individuals are maintaining the cars they already own, auto repair businesses will benefit.

Accelerate Your Marketing

Anyone in the automotive industry knows that vehicles need more repairs as they age. With fewer new car sales in 2020, auto repair shops could see more business maintaining and repairing existing vehicles. Will your business be found when potential customers search for service in your area? Autoshop Solutions’ award-winning marketing strategy is proven to get more cars into your service bays! Talk to a team member today and learn more about how we can get to work for you.

Moving Forward: Shift Into Drive With Autoshop Solutions

  1. It will be essential to adopt cleaning and sanitizing practices to keep everyone safe.
  2. Technology like Autoshop Checkout will make it easier for shops to stay open and provide service safely with online scheduling options and online payment processing tools.
  3. Marketing will help your shop get found for the automotive services people need.

Autoshop Solutions is committed to supporting and improving our industry. We are here to provide marketing support for auto repair shops, so they can continue to do what they do best: take care of our communities and keep them safe on the road. Contact us today to learn more about the expert tools and marketing solutions we offer.

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