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A New Partnership with NCS

A New Partnership with NCS

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A Discussion About "All Things Collision"

Autoshop Solutions is excited about our new partnership with National Coatings & Supplies (NCS) and helping collision repair shops get the best out of their marketing. According to its website, NCS supplies high-performing industrial paints and coatings across the contiguous United States. They service over 15,000 auto body shops, collision centers, manufacturers, maintenance companies, and restoration shops. They carry a wide range of products from top coating manufacturers known for their advanced technology.

Tony Mercury, our VP of Revenue, sat down with NCS’s Kevin Nelson, VP of Sales, to discuss all things collision, our new relationship with them, and where the collision industry is going.

“We are seeing a few focus shifts right now,” Tony said. “We’re building a lot of OE certifications on their websites and expanding their reach online so if they are BMW certified, Toyota certified. And really it’s a lot more about teaching the people who are looking to get their car repaired from that accident of what that certification looks like, how it pertains to the warranty, what parts they are using, so that’s really important.”

Why is it important for collision shops to be found online?

Customers seek out auto repair shops two to three times a year. In contrast, the average car owner only needs a collision shop once every five to seven years. Because of these statistics, collision shops think they don’t need an online presence

A car owner’s first move when they have been in an accident is to look for a reputable shop online. When searching for collision repairs, people want a clean, reputable, reliable, and trustworthy collision shop. They care about what websites look like, what a shop looks like, and their online reputation and reviews. Suppose collision shops aren’t doing what their competitors are doing. In that case, they will get left behind and lose business to the competition.

Autoshop Solutions doesn’t just deal with websites. We are an omnichannel marketing company working with four key pillars of internet marketing.

  • Website
  • SEO
  • Ads words
  • Social campaigns

The unison of those pillars works together to drive calls to collision centers and help them get found online.

“We work individually with each business to cater to their specific needs, and we tailor their campaign to their business,” Tony explained.

How does Autoshop deal with large metro market businesses vs. smaller independent shops?

“We’ve been doing this so long,” Tony said. “We have the core strategy in place already. We can walk into working with a collision business and already know 80 percent of what their business looks like. That last 20 percent are their differentiators.”

Tony stresses that collision shops need to talk about their certifications, why they are important to customers, and why they need to showcase them on their website. He also explains how our websites integrate with different management systems and the added convenience. Customers want to see the specifics and the specialties collision shops have to offer.

Kevin talks to shop owners all the time, and he hears about their concerns in the market.

“A lot of independents are very concerned about [a large shop] just came to my market,” Kevin said. “What am I going to do? They’re going to pull all my insurance work away. Well, that means you have got to pivot, and that’s why we are so excited about having this relationship with [Autoshop Solutions]. We don’t do this, but you all do.”

Kevin admits this is why NCS has aligned with Autoshop Solutions. “Here is an opportunity to work with them so you don’t lose that work that you’ve been accustomed to having,” he said.

To hear more of the discussion, including how OE certification and DRP relationships work in marketing and how we can help drive customers to your collision or auto repair shop, visit https://learn.autoshopsolutions.com/ncs-webinar/.

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