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5 Ideas for a Successful Holiday Social Media Campaign for Auto Repair Shops

5 Ideas for a Successful Holiday Social Media Campaign for Auto Repair Shops

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How to Use Your Social Media This Holiday Season

Getting Your Auto Repair Shop in the Spirit

It's that time of year to initiate a holiday social media campaign! Whether you want to go all out holiday, offer promotions, or simply spread cheer, we have what you need to help your shop get some attention and interact with customers. We have many ideas to share for your auto shop's holiday social media campaign, no matter what you have in mind.

  1. Get creative with your content
  2. There are a couple of things to consider when brainstorming content. First, consider what kind of messaging would be most relevant and engaging for your target audience. What would they be interested in seeing from you and your shop this time of year? Here are some ideas:

    • Show off your employee holiday party.
    • Serve hot chocolate while people check in or wait for repairs.
    • Support a good cause. Partner with a charity/non-profit or a local organization in your community. Use social media to spread the word.
      For example, make a graphic that says, “Help us reach our goal of 500 gifts for children,” and explain in text how you’re partnering with a local charity this holiday season.
    • Share holiday car memes. Here are some holiday memes you can download.
    • Post some holiday gift ideas or wishlists. Here are some ideas: Phone mount for car, car vacuum, car visor vanity , dash cam, book of car washes, back seat cover for dogs, rear view mirror swinging duck, truck organizer, LED lights, car humidifier, emergency kit, baby car camera, car parts, window tinting, remote start.
  3. Plan your posts in advance
  4. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including your auto repair shop. Make sure you can keep up with the demand; planning and scheduling your social media posts in advance is helpful. Doing this can ensure a consistent posting cadence and avoid getting overwhelmed during the holiday rush.

  5. Keep it festive without being too sales-y
  6. The holidays are a great time for shops to show off their festive side! You can attract attention and bring new business by incorporating fun visuals into your social media posts.

    Here are some ideas for festive visuals:

    • Have someone dress up as Santa at your shop.
    • Sparkling white lights, fresh garlands, big red bows, and Christmas trees can make a huge difference in making your shop seem merry & bright for the holiday season.
    • Hot cocoa station photos with consenting customers.
    • Images and videos of decorated cars in your shop.

    Whatever you choose, ensure it accurately represents your brand and gets potential customers excited about doing business with you this season.

  7. Run holiday promotions or contests
  8. Your shop can use the holidays to run special promotions or contests. This is a great way to get new customers in the door and show your existing ones how much you appreciate their business. Make sure to promote on social media to help reach the widest audience possible. With a little effort, you can make this holiday season a big success!

  9. Engage with your audience
  10. Your customers are busy this time of year. Their schedules are busy with parties, shopping, and travel. That means they may have less time to take care of their car repairs, but you can help ensure their holiday season is stress-free, at least when it comes to their car (ha). Use social media to let customers know about special holiday deals or services. Answer questions and help them troubleshoot problems. If they comment on your posts, reply. Remind them you’re not just a business; you’re human, too. Happy holidays, shop owners.

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