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How to Reach Your Target Audience

“Where should I place my ad budget? Google Ads or Facebook Ads?”

It’s a common question that the team here at Autoshop solutions gets asked frequently, and for good reason. A recent announcement from eMarketer published figures showing that total U.S. ad spending will hit $238.82 billion, with the amount spent on digital advertising surpassing that of traditional and accounting for 54.2 percent of the market.

This digital ad growth is primarily thanks to two advertising giants – Google and Facebook. But how can your auto shop take advantage of these two massive platforms? And where is the best place to focus your budget? Let’s go over the key audience types you’ll reach with Google Ads and Facebook Ads so you can make an informed decision.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a powerful business advertising tool that every auto shop should utilize if their budget allows. With Google ads, you will reach what marketing professionals call an Active Audience. This means that your ads will be placed in front of potential customers who are actively searching for your services. For example, when someone needs an oil change they may Google “Oil Change Near Me.” If you are running Google Ads, your ad may appear above the search results. This catches the eye of the potential customer. They then click your ad, which leads them to schedule their service with you.

Google Ads target potential customers at the moment they are looking for your service, which is a fantastic way to grow your customer base. However, what if you want to reach an audience that may not need your services right now, but will later?

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are an inexpensive and magnetic way to attract new customers to your business. Unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads target a Passive Audience. An individual that is part of this passive audience isn’t looking for your shop’s services at the moment. Their vehicle is in top shape and things are running smooth. They aren’t due for their regularly scheduled maintenance – yet. When they do need maintenance or repair, your shop should be the first one they think of. Facebook Ads help this happen by being a constant reminder. For instance, while a potential customer is scrolling through their Facebook feed your ad catches their eye. Your Facebook ad does this for weeks to keep your name top-of-mind for the potential customer. Then, when their check engine light comes on, you’re the first shop they think of!

Facebook ads can also drive more likes to your Facebook page, increase video plays, increase brand recognition and so much more. It all depends on your goals!

The Answer

If your budget allows, run both! Facebook and Google Ads make a great team and you’ll be able to attract both active and passive audiences. Having both Facebook and Google Ads in your shop’s marketing toolkit is a great way to boost your business and help grow your customer family.

Have questions about Google or Facebook Ads? Our team is here to help! Reach out to your account manager today!

Leah Ferguson

Leah Ferguson