Auto Shop Marketing in the Winter

Navigating Your Marketing’s Winter Blues

Navigating Your Marketing’s Winter Blues

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Winter Seasonality

The official winter season will be here before you know it. Many auto repair shops admit business slows down as the holiday season nears. Most people aren’t choosing to do elective repairs or maintenance on their vehicles but rather decide to put them off until after the new year.

Ramp Up Your Marketing

If your shop has slowed down, there’s no better time to increase your marketing. Be creative, and find ways to get customers back in your bays.

  • Run Maintenance Specials
  • Give your customers a chance to save money. Run holiday specials that get them in your shop. Advertise a special for oil changes or a tune-up to end the year right. Remind them it’s a good idea to take care of these services before the new year.

  • Promote the Necessities
  • It’s necessary to pay attention to those essential winter services. Invite customers to check their heater, defroster, battery, or wipers to ensure they are working correctly. Better to be safe than sorry and risk the components not working when you need them most.

    You could also offer complimentary fluids or battery check with another service. Or, hold a holiday customer appreciation day where customers can win prizes or discounts.

  • Advertise Winter Promotions
  • If you reside in a harsh winter climate, clients may need snow tires or at least an inspection to ensure their tires are in good condition. Offer to inspect the tread for wear and tear or hold an annual end-of-the-tire sale.

    It’s great to have a holiday gift idea to sell during the holiday season. Consider selling winter roadside emergency kits for gift givers, give them as a gift with purchase, or hold a holiday giveaway.

    Suffering the Winter Blues?

    As a shop owner, you should be using every marketing avenue available to fill your bays.

    • If you haven’t updated your website lately, maybe it’s time for some new keywords, new content, or even new images.
    • Use blogs to target winter services and draw more attention to your shop.
    • Consider running a winter or holiday PPC campaign.
    • Be sure you’re active on social media. Use catchy posts to get your customers’ attention.
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