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What Your Account Manager Can Do for You

As an Account Manager at Autoshop Solutions, I sometimes get the question: “What does my program include?” It is a fair question! You should know exactly what your money is doing for your business! There are the marketing basics like pay-per-click management, SEO, social media, content, conversion tracking, website changes, blogs, SSL certificates, NAP management, Google My Business, reporting etc. (Phew! That list was long right?) Aside from all that, let’s talk about what else your program could include.

As someone who builds relationships with shop owners and is vested in their success, I strive to be entirely transparent. My goal is to build trust. I want you to trust me, to trust Autoshop Solutions, and to trust that we are always working for you and creating valuable results.

With that said, let’s talk about some of the ways your money is used to create one-of-a-kind marketing solutions for your shop!

  • We check in with scheduled account reviews. Our team reviews your shop’s metrics, including pay-per-click traffic, website visits, social metrics, SEO rankings, and leads for the recent month. We’ll discuss any new changes within your company that might require us to adapt our approach. That’s why we love to hear from you with any updates, so we can provide powerful, long-term results!
  • We have the skills to advise and strategize. In addition to sharing your shop’s data and metrics, we are available to advise and help you strategize. Need some social media ideas? PPC campaign ideas? Upcoming promotions or events? We can help with that too!

Our team does a lot to provide valuable services. But there are a few things we won’t do, and you deserve to know!

  • We do not build a site and walk away. As a part of our traditional marketing packages, our team is constantly monitoring your site’s SEO to ensure you are ranking appropriately and if not, we audit the website, plan, and implement ways to improve your rankings. We are constantly monitoring and working for your success.
  • We do not outsource your marketing. All of our services and experts are in in-house. Our team of experts collaborate on your marketing to ensure your services, including social media, pay-per-click, and/or SEO, are running efficiently and with your success in mind.

Your Account Managers are your experts! We are Google certified and have completed extensive training, so you can be sure that we have answers prior to getting on the phone with you. We come from different backgrounds and have different strengths which allows us to collaborate and share our expertise with each other when necessary. If one of us doesn’t have the answer you are looking for, we have a team member that does! Now that you have gotten to know what your Account Manager can do for you, give us a call. Let’s chat!

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