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Spring Forward and Rev Up Your Marketing this Season

Spring Forward and Rev Up Your Marketing this Season

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Use These Tips to Get Your Auto Repair Shop Spring Ready

It's time to gear up for spring cleaning, sweep out those bays, and prepare for warmer months ahead. With warmer weather coming, all those elective maintenance and auto repairs your customers have been putting off until spring…well, the time has come. So what can you do to prepare, ramp up your marketing, and help your shop get ready for the spring season?

Spring is all about renewal, and what is a better time to renew your marketing and get your customers back in your bays? We have some ideas and some answers.

Update Your Content or Blogs

When was the last time you updated your website? It could be time for a redesign if it has been a while. Update your design, keywords, content, images, SEO, and blogs to freshen up your marketing outreach. Spring is an excellent time for a makeover.

Ask Customers for Reviews and Referrals

Asking your customers to review your shop and services after repairs or maintenance is free advertising for your business. Who better to toot your horn than a happy customer? New customers seek valuable feedback when searching for a new auto repair shop. They want to know you are trustworthy, dependable and offer fair prices. Don’t let a happy customer walk out the door without asking them for a review or to refer their friends and family.

Run a Spring PPC Advertising Campaign

Give your customers a chance to save money by running a campaign for Spring Savings that gets them in your shop. They may need to change their tires, get an inspection, or get an oil change. Advertise a sale for an oil change, a tune-up, or spring maintenance.

Follow Up With Old Clients & Reach Out to New Ones

If you haven’t seen some clients in a while, it’s time to reach out. Send them a special offer or discount via email, direct mail, or a phone call. Reaching out to stagnant customers lets them know you’re thinking of them. On the flip side, you can do the same to attract new customers who have never visited your shop. Extending an invitation may be the push they need to take care of that repair or maintenance service they have been putting off.

Are you still looking for ways to maximize your marketing and get seen on- or offline?

As a shop owner, you should use every marketing avenue available to fill your bays.

  • Participate in community events to get recognized.
  • Blogs can be a means to target specific services and attract customers.
  • Network within organizations or events that are relevant to your business.

If you are still wondering what you can do to jumpstart your marketing, hit the gas and contact Autoshop Solutions. We are an automotive digital marketing agency specializing in websites and internet marketing solutions. Want to learn more about our services? Or watch this blog in action. Please visit autoshopsolutions.com/academy or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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