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Get Involved in Your Social Media to Build Your Brand

Get Involved in Your Social Media to Build Your Brand

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Build your Brand! Get Involved With Your Social Media

People don't browse social media for ads. When they're scrolling through Facebook, they're looking for incredible or funny photos, fulfilling discussions, and a connection with other people. So...if all you're posting is ads or generic content, listen up!

Why You Can’t Be Hands Off With Your Social Media Presence

Your shop needs to post to social media often for the sake of SEO and just for staying on top of people’s minds, and that’s why you outsource it to a marketing agency. But even though you’re paying for the service, should your social media approach always be hands-off? It may be nice to think you can set it and forget it, and you can—but if you want to create a memorable personality for your brand, you need to do more than that. Your marketing agency isn’t there every day, but all of your employees are. You are.

Importance of the Personal Touch

A personal touch on your page can be HUGE in building a brand online. Next time there’s a new employee, share it on Facebook. Is it someone’s birthday? Get a cake, snap a cheesy photo and post it! Did someone bring their dog into the shop today? What’s even going on in the shop today? Show a Before and After of a car you worked on (with the owner’s permission, of course!) Or maybe you’ll even live-stream a “How fast can we change a tire?” competition! Share photos of your team. Share photos of your most prideful work. Share photos when it’s National Ice Cream Day and Take Your Child To Work Day.

These are the things that make your shop you.

The Power of a Simple Shop Photo

If your social media does something personal and memorable, your followers will remember you when they need their cars repaired.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple photo or video when it comes to building your brand. Next time something noteworthy happens, take a picture. Shoot a short video. Upload it to social media with a fun caption—and rinse—and repeat. With a little nurturing and personal touch, social media can become a leading part of your marketing strategy. You’ll even develop a personality for your brand along the way.

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