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A Deep Dive into Shop Management Software - What You Need to Know as a Shop Owner

A Deep Dive into Shop Management Software – What You Need to Know as a Shop Owner

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In a recent episode of the 10MM with Tony Mercury, Tony takes a deep dive into the importance of Shop Management Software (SMS) with industry expert Cavan Robinson who works with ShopBoss and Protractor. The two uncover the differences in SMS programs, what to look for when shopping for an SMS, the different integrations with systems, and the current pulse on the industry.

According to Cavan, about 24 percent of the auto repair market isn’t using a current SMS, and another quarter of shops are in some sort of digital transformation, bouncing back and forth.
“They are kind of on an on-and-off sort of cycle of trying to adopt it, but it just ultimately doesn’t work,” Cavan said. He explains that half of the industry has no interest in an SMS or hasn’t adopted one. With 40 percent of current shop owners planning to retire in the next five years, a new wave of shop owners is implementing their own software stack. He admits it’s an exciting time in the market.

Most shop owners say they need an SMS program; however, many are owners/operators and are trying to do a million things, Cavan points out. They manage techs and service advisors, finances, and just about every aspect of their business. Many don’t recognize how an SMS could help them operate more efficiently. They don’t know where to start or what they need. Cavan says he doesn’t believe they are afraid of figuring out the technology but rather sifting through it all.

There is a buffet of systems, and most fit the needs. Still, an important aspect to recognize is support for onboarding and training.

So what do you need to consider when looking for an SMS?

Cavan points out three important key factors when choosing a system for your shop.

  • A cloud-based system that you can access from anywhere at anytime
  • Depending on your role in the shop and how remote you are will help determine what capabilities you need.

  • Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) and the inspection routine for your shop
  • Consider your options and see if a combo of SMS and DVI is a more cost-effective option.

  • Payment processing
  • Every shop has to collect money, and many customers want to pay remotely. It’s hard to beat an integrated payment processor.

    It’s hard to beat the integrations and the ease of having an all-in-one system. It’s important to know your business and the numbers driving your shop. Your first location’s success is important, and implementing your tech stack before opening subsequent locations is essential.

    The entire cycle of your operations is what matters.

    Utilizing these tools and integrations can grow your shop:

  • Customized Reporting
  • Personalize reports to suit your business needs

  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Shows an overview of your daily business in your shop for each location

  • Alternates to Gross Profit (GP)
  • Allows your shop to look at Profit per Hour (PPH) along with GP to help determine where you want to be

    What’s the takeaway?

    Maximizing your SMS tools is the key to your business’s growth and success. Tony points out that marketing-acquired customers spend more than current customers. The Autoshop Solutions’ Dashboard and integrations from your shop can cross-reference with our marketing services to help fill your bays and increase your bottom line.

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