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Show Off With The New Showroom

Show Off With The New Showroom

All of us here at Autoshop Solutions are so excited about the release of the new Autobahn Showroom! We’ve retooled one of the features that helps customers who want to sell cars on their website.

What exactly is the Autobahn Showroom?

The Autobahn Showroom is a vehicle sales management tool for small- to medium-sized auto dealers. It’s has been built into our Autobahn (Autoshop Solutions’ exclusive marketing solution for tracking and gauging your marketing strategies), allowing you to manage your vehicle inventory in the same place you manage your marketing.

In addition to the convenience of having a central location for all your marketing strategies, the Autobahn Showroom allows you to look up VINs and pre-populate data fields using Edmunds Vehicle lookup to ensure the correct data is returned for every vehicle. This means you no longer need to spend hours inputting vehicle data one line at a time. You can also upload multiple images to showcase your vehicles with the ability to set a featured image.

Can you get this on your website?

The vehicles and the data associated with each vehicle are displayed with our supplied widget that can be installed on any website. The Showroom vehicle widget can be configured to display vehicles in two or three columns per row and is mobile-responsive to ensure your vehicle sales look good on any device.

The widget allows the styles to inherit from your website and gives you access to the elements in the widget to style them more appropriately to your design. This means it never looks out of place, and it integrates seamlessly into your website.

The widget also comes with a contact form, allowing users to contact you via email for vehicles they might be interested in. You’ll never miss a sale because you can set up the Showroom to have multiple contacts, so everyone involved in sales gets notified when the contact form is submitted. Inside of the Autobahn Showroom settings, you can manage the contact emails by adding new contacts, edit existing contacts and deleting contacts that are no longer needed.

The Autobahn Showroom is growing too! We’re always developing and rolling out new features with you in mind, and we want your feedback! What features would you like to see next?

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