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Get Customers to Take Action

In website development and marketing, we often talk about your CTA. CTA means “Call to Action.” On your website, think about the call to action as the action you want a potential customer to do. Do you want them to call you, contact you online, schedule a service, or learn more about your company? You may want them to do several different tasks while on your site – which is ok. But you just don’t want to overwhelm them with too many options. Below are our suggestions if you want someone to schedule their service from your website for the highest conversions.


Having clear directions for customers to call you is important! Listing your phone number near the top of the page or including it in your body copy are great ways to make sure a customer won’t miss it. You want to make it as simple as possible for them to find it as soon as they land on your website. On mobile, especially, having a “Call Us” button makes it easy for customers to call and schedule their service with one touch.

Pro-tip: Using a tracking number to track calls directly from your website will help you measure the success of your website and online marketing campaigns. Not sure if you have call tracking set up on your current account? Ask your Account Manager!

Schedule Service Online

Giving people the option to schedule their service through an online form is an extremely helpful tool. It allows them to give you information about what they need and pick a date and time that works for them. It also allows them the opportunity to do this 24/7. Maybe they don’t have time to call you during business hours – it doesn’t mean you should lose their business.

Pro-tip: If you don’t like the idea of having customers schedule online, add a “Request an Estimate” or “Ask A Tech” form. They can leave you their contact information and summary of their issue. Then you can follow up via email or call to get their appointment scheduled.

Success With Both

Having CTAs for both calls and online forms is a great way to increase conversions. Some potential customers want to talk to a technician about their vehicle and schedule their service by phone. Some may be busy, or not have time to make a call, but can enter their information on a form. Each customer is different, so having multiple options to schedule or request service increases your customer service and user experience.

The easier it is to schedule, the better. Options are good! Always keep in mind what works best for the customer, even if that means adding a new form to the website or training another staff member on the phones! These little tweaks can help you put the customer service in auto service.

Jordan Wise

Jordan Wise