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How Autoshop Solutions Builds Automotive Websites

How Autoshop Solutions Builds Automotive Websites

What It Takes to Develop Great Websites

Having a good automotive website for your repair shop is like having good tires on your car. If the website — or tires — are not up to industry standards, they won’t perform the best. What does it take to build a website that meets standards? Let’s get into it.

3 Standards For Every Website

  1. Fast Load Time – According to Google, over half of mobile website users will leave a page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.
  2. Answering the User’s Search – Did the page provide the answer or information that the user was looking for? Google can tell by how long the user spends on the page, and whether or not they head back to search results to look somewhere else.
  3. SEO Content – Content on the website should meet SEO guidelines by focusing on specific keywords.

Our Websites:

  1. Load FAST.
  2. Display phone numbers and addresses prominently.
  3. Have custom, SEO optimized content.

Building Websites That Perform

The developers at Autoshop Solutions build websites that perform for our clients by building on a framework of road-tested software. Add eye-catching, user-driven design and custom content, and our sites are ready to win races in search results and user experience! Our sites are effective vehicles to drive customers to your business.

Emphasis on Performance

When users land on a website for auto repair on their phone, probability suggests that they are looking for something specific like a phone number or directions. For that reason, we design our sites to drive traffic to these areas on mobile devices. On a desktop, that information is distributed consistently at both the top and bottom, where users can easily find it.

Marketing Starts With a Great Website

Your website is just the beginning of your digital marketing, like how tires aren’t the part that drives the car forward. You need an engine for that. We also have to think about search engine optimization, paid search, social media, and more. But without a website, none of these other efforts will be worthwhile. Marketing without a properly developed website is like trying to drive on the rims. Autoshop Solutions can provide your shop with a powerful website that drives more traffic to your bays. Contact us today to get started!

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