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Getting New Customers Into Your Auto Shop

Getting New Customers Into Your Auto Shop

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How to Get Business Booming

Get Online

For some of us, spring has sprung, and there’s not a better time to get new customers into your shop. Everywhere you turn these days, the internet takes every aspect of life by storm. If you own a business, this is even more true. If you don’t get online and set a presence for your business, it’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in a cloud of smoke in last place. A strong online reputation is the best start in the race to getting new customers into your auto shop.

It’s rare to find a business these days without a website, but if for some odd reason this resonates with your business, then get moving. If customers can’t find you online, chances are they can’t find you at all. Everyone searches for what they need on their mobile device, and it won’t matter if you’re just down the street if they don’t see you. Not only that, but customers depend on the internet to give them good direction. Whether it’s physical directions or an online review, customers are searching and reading what they find.

Engage, Earn, Retain

How does all this correlate with finding more customers and getting them into your shop? It’s simple. Engage with your customer, earn their trust, retain them for life. Here are five ways to help get new customers into your auto shop:

Use Facebook and Social Media to Engage Your Customers

Social media can easily reveal your business. Open up your shop and let your customers see what’s going on. Are you running specials this month? Do you have special coupons for those customers following you on social media? Inspire them to like your page and give them a reason to keep coming back for more.

Make an effort to advertise for the seasons and target seasonal work. Advertise those AC service specials in the spring and those winter tires in the fall. Give your customers something to think about and a plan for action.

Provide quality work and customer service

Have you ever heard the saying, you get more flies with honey? Being nice, genuinely interested in your customers, and helping them is half the battle. If they like you, respect you, know you are knowledgeable in your field, and do good work, they will keep coming back.

Ask for Testimonials or Reviews

Make good use of that happy customer. Don’t let a satisfied customer leave without taking advantage of the situation. Ask them for a review or testimonial on your website or social media. It’s an easy way for new customers to see why they should choose you.

Start a Referral Program or Offer Customer Loyalty Rewards

Everyone likes a discount or free service. Show your customer some appreciation by offering them something for their referrals or being a repeat customer. A little thank you can go a long way.

Set Up a Blog or Newsletter Email List

Offering your customers tips, videos, and mindful content helps them remember you and reminds them of your brand. Sharing knowledge with your clients lets them know you are an expert in the subject matter and someone they can trust.

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