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Think about how many emails you receive in a day. How many do you open? What type of content keeps your attention? How do you interact with emails?

Email marketing has become a pervasive and effective tool over the last few years. In that time, marketers have begun to figure out how consumers interact with emails they receive and what makes some campaigns more successful than others. While each audience is difference, there are a few “do’s and don’ts” that apply to most email marketing campaigns.

Do Use Images, But Don’t Forget Copy

You’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” – so why not use them to amp up your email campaigns? Having visual content helps attract potential consumers, showcase your service or product, and grab people’s attention quicker than text. Images actually help break up blocks of text and make copy easier to read.

While they are useful, there are a few issues caused by image-heavy emails. Images take more time to load than text and can slow down how fast recipients can view their email. Emails with slow load times have lower click-through and conversion rates.

Did you know that image only emails go directly to spam? The general rule for using images in your email marketing campaigns is 80:20 — 80% text and 20% images.

Do Make It Fun, But Don’t Lose Your Message

Test out subject lines, tell stories, include fun photos. It is important that your marketing efforts represent your brand, so don’t be scared to include pieces you think help show customers “who you are.” Often times, email marketing is a more casual marketing tool- so have fun and test out ideas to see what customers respond to!

Don’t forget you have a message though. Each email should have a goal – to inform, to sell, to invite, etc. Make sure that all aspects of your emails contribute to that message. Too many ideas can confuse or disengage readers. You want it to be clear to the reader what you are asking and make it easy for them to proceed.

Do Include Links Back to Your Website

No matter what your email’s message or goal is, you want to get viewers back to your website. Hosting an event? Have a link to a sign-up or RSVP form on your site. Promoting a service? Have a link to a schedule form on your site. Make sure there is a way you can get customers to your site and give them ways to engage with you.

Don’t Worry – We Are Here To Help!

Whether you have questions about your current email marketing campaign, or want to learn more about our the program we offer – Autoshop Solutions can help guide you to email marketing success.

Jordan Wise

Jordan Wise