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While the phrase “domain-based emails” may be common in the digital industry, it’s not as commonplace in the automotive industry. Domain-based emails are emails that have your website domain in them. For example, is a domain-based email, but is not. Domain-based emails can often require an additional cost, but they are well worth it because they help build your business’s professionalism and credibility, and they help you to be easily remembered.domainemails

Domain-based emails have become a staple in modern businesses, as an email address is a unique identifier for your business. They quickly allow your clients to know who they’re communicating with because they are easy to remember. They create clean, consistent branding that flows from your site to your business card, signs, and finally to your communication. When you create a brand that spans your entire business, customers are comforted by the unique and consistent message. When you use a domain-based email on your site and to respond with, you are showing your professionalism and improving your credibility. This can be one thing potential clients consider when making a judgment on whether or not they want to do business with you.

It is also important to use this email to respond to queries and contact forms. There are several reasons why this is important. One is the fact that it can be confusing to send an email to one email address and to receive an email from a very different one. For example, if a client sent an email to but received a response from, they could become confused and simply delete your email before reading it. Depending on the email server, it could also be filtered into the spam folder.

Responding with a domain-based email builds credibility. Your clients are more likely to trust emails from your domain because they can be verified that they are coming from your business. They are less likely to think your emails are spam and more likely to click any links that you provide. Google has solidified this concept more so with their recent security updates in their Gmail service. Now, Google automatically verifies that domain-based emails are actually sent from the domain by checking specific security records in your email server. Google identifies emails that haven’t been verified with a “?”, letting their users know that the email address could be spam. This helps to prove that domain-based emails can build credibility with your clients while also making your business look more professional altogether.

If you want more information or want to add a domain-based email to your package, contact your Account Manager today!

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