Why Auto Shops Need to Use a Online Payment System

Auto Repair Online Payment System

Auto Repair Online Payment System

5 Reasons to Use Autoshop Checkout

What Is Online Payment?

Who knew online payment could be so easy! Autoshop Checkout is a web-based checkout portal developed by Autoshop Solutions that allows your customers to pay for their auto repairs from your website. By partnering with 360 payments we’ve developed a tool that allows your customers to pay on the go from wherever they are! They just need to go online with a computer or smart device and visit your website!

1. Encourage Social Distancing

Automotive businesses have had to adapt their processes in 2020. Reducing person-to-person contact protects employee and customer health. Contactless payment is an important part of that transition. Autoshop Checkout can help you encourage social distancing by enabling customers to pay for their auto repairs from anywhere, like your shop’s waiting area or the couch in their living room.

2. Collect Payments Faster – Or Even In Advance

Your employees work hard to keep things moving smoothly and efficiently. Autoshop Checkout can make their workflow easier by reducing the time they spend during car checkout. Instruct your customers to go to your website and use the online payment option. They can complete the transaction in seconds, and you’ll receive payment on the spot! Payments can also be made without an invoice number making it easy to collect deposits upfront.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Auto repair shops have a unique role in caring for both cars and their drivers! A pleasant experience will ensure drivers keep coming back to your shop for all of their vehicle’s repair and service needs. Paying online is easier than ever today and we all know convenience makes customers happy!

4. Create an Entirely Remote Checkout Experience

Combined with services like car pick-up and drop-off, Autoshop Checkout creates an entirely remote auto repair experience. Drivers won’t have to even drive to your shop! On Autoshop Solutions websites, vehicle owners can schedule appointments with an online portal and pay for their repairs online with Autoshop Checkout’s new online payment software.

5. Attract New Customers

Are certifications and experiences enough to elevate your auto repair shop above the competition? Today, customers are looking for not just quality repairs, but a convenient experience. When they arrive on your site, a prominent mobile payment solution can be the deciding factor they need to choose your business.

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