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It Might Be Halloween, But Don’t Scare Customers Away!

This time of year is perfect for all things spooky and scary, unless your shop is actually scaring the customers away. Make sure you are avoiding these tricks so that coming to your shop is always a real treat!

1. Responding to Bad Reviews… Badly ? ? ? ?

Bad reviews can be scary enough, so keep it friendly with calm and professional responses. Your business will look better, and you might even win back a lost customer with the right kind of response.

2. Bashing Your Competitors ? ? ?

We get it – competitors are usually the “enemy” when it comes to making the sale. However, you can come off as a real monster if you take that competition too far by putting down your competition. Stay professional and, instead, share all of the great reasons customers should choose YOU over other shops!

3. Sharing Social Content That’s Too Personal ? ?

It’s easy to post things you’re familiar with, but it’s best to remain professional on your shop’s social pages. Try to avoid hot-button issues or sharing things that might be considered “TMI.” For tips on what to post, follow our tips on creating share-worthy content.

4. Being A Monster To The Customer ? ? ? ? ?

Whether on the phone or in the shop, the quickest way to scare a customer away is with poor customer service! Make sure all of your team members are on the same page when it comes communicating with your customers. After all, studies show with outstanding customer service, a customer who was originally unhappy will come back 70% of the time!

When the Halloween season comes to an end, it’s time to make sure all of these “scares” are left in the past! Stay positive, professional, and filled with the fun of the holidays – your customers will reward you for it. If you need help keeping your reviews or social media on the sweet side, ask us about our programs!

Joel Fogleman

Joel Fogleman