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SEO Services are essential in maintaining a strong organic presence in Google. Ongoing SEO services may be necessary to compete in your market and maintain visibility.

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What Will Autoshop Solutions and Search Engine Optimization Mean for Me?

Want people searching for auto repair to find you first? This client signed up for o​ur SEO program and has improved by 471 positions.

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Google knows if your website is mobile friendly! Typically responsive sites have better metrics and better rankings! Make sure your website is mobile responsive, all of our websites are.

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Announcing the Autoshop Autobahn


A powerful two-way communication tool to help you manage your shop's marketing performance! Our Autoshop Autobahn is a powerful tool that provides end-to-end ROI reporting of your marketing services, and demonstrates how our services increase your business. The Autobahn brings the results of all of your marketing efforts, Google Analytics & AdWords, Phone Tracker, and Contact & Schedule forms into one, simple, interactive dashboard, available 24/7 on your mobile or desktop devices.

Our dashboard makes it easy for you to track your website and marketing performance.

Why Choose Us For Your SEO?

With over 14 years of Search Engine Optimization experience, our SEO team works exclusively for the automotive industry, so we spend all of our time researching the best SEO tactics for automotive businesses just like yours.

What We Do:

  • Target Keywords to Your Shop. Automotive keywords vary significantly by region. We find the best keyword phrases for your shop and your local market.
  • Speak Your Customers' Language. Our expertise in automotive SEO means we know how your customers search Google for auto repair shops.
  • Write Content In-House. Our professional copywriters edit and optimize all of your website content and blog posts - IN-HOUSE. No duplicate content here!
  • Monitor Your Website's Rankings. Google's search algorithm changes constantly, and your competitors evolve with Google. We continuously monitor your Google rankings and adapt your SEO strategy to keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Care About Your Results. We truly want to bring your shop success! SEO is not about generating website hits, but how many quality leads it generates - so that's what we deliver!

How we’re different:

  • 100% Unique Content. Google prefers unique content, or it penalizes your site with reduced rankings. Our passionate in-house copywriters write for your business, your story and your automotive specialties.
  • "White Hat SEO" Techniques. All of our websites follow Google's standards and best-practices. Companies who practice "Black Hat SEO" may temporarily improve a site's ranking, but the website eventually risks being penalized or banned from Google!
  • No Empty Promises. Don't trust anyone who guarantees a #1 ranking! From Google's support page: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.” Some companies use “Black Hat SEO” for a temporary boost, then try to lock you into a contract before your ranking slips back down (often permanently).
  • No Long-Term Contracts. As with any of our services, you are not required to sign a long-term contract. That motivates us to work harder for your business!
  • 24/7 Access to Rankings. Don't wait weeks or months to see your ranking results. Log into our Autoshop Lab any time, from work, home or on the go to review your live rankings.
  • Cutting-Edge SEO Practices. We practice today’s SEO, not yesterday’s SEO. We respond at lightning speed to Google’s constantly changing algorithms, ensuring your website remains a model of Google’s standards for highly-ranked sites.

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