A Plan for Finding Recruits

How Do We Recruit Good People?

How Do We Recruit Good People?

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How Do We Recruit Good People?

A Look Into Recruiting the Right People

With the automotive industry struggling to find good technicians, we find ourselves asking the question, “How do we recruit good people?”

It begins with the auto shop and what goals are in place for recruits. Do you have a plan for their growth? If you are simply rushing to hire a warm body, you’ve got some homework to do. The future generation needs a full view of the track with a checkered flag in sight.

What do shops need to focus on and make sure they get right?

  • Establish a hiring and onboarding process.
  • Create a good culture within your organization.
  • Plan for development.
  • Involve yourself within the community and broaden your outreach.

By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be millennials. Some would say they are getting a bad rap because they are demanding more in the workforce, but the fact of the matter is that baby boomers are beginning to retire. We are transitioning into a new group of leaders. We must adapt to how we interact with them, what environment we establish, and listen to what they say.

Recruiting good people is simple if you have a process that includes some structure and a direction with clear expectations. Don’t sacrifice a wise decision because you are desperate for help. Have a plan and display what kind of culture you want to portray in your shop: Training, reviews, goals, and team building.

Contrary to popular belief, millennials are not a lost cause, and they do want to work. The difference is that they want to learn, be challenged, and see their goals in the front windshield. They want the process laid out for them. You hired them to work in your shop, and that aligns with the job they want to do. Their success depends on your team being the teachers.

Bottom line is, don’t waste your young talent on a tedious chore list. They aren’t sticking around to sweep the floors and take out the trash if their goal is to learn to be technicians. It’s your job to have that conversation with them during the hiring process. They need to be inspired, have work that aligns with their direction, and they need a road map for their path to becoming a successful technician.

If you give them what they need and what they are looking for, they won’t leave. Too often, young people leave school or a job because they don’t see a clear path. Once you find the right person, it becomes your job to lead them down the correct roadway.

Now that you have found your recruits, you may find yourselves asking the question, “How do we keep good people?” The answer: If you are doing your job, it will be easy.


TThis blog is the second in a three-part series on finding, recruiting, and keeping good people in the auto repair shop industry. Next up: We will discuss how to keep recruits in the auto repair shop industry.

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