Autoshop Solutions Partners With Mechanic Advisor

Steer by Mechanic Advisor

Really Powerful Marketing Partnership


Steer by Mechanic Advisor is an automated marketing and communication platform (CRM) and provider of telematics. They specialize in helping repair shops drive customers back to the shop to perform regular maintenance and necessary services. Each tool and service is designed to build and improve the relationship between car owner and repair shop through loyalty, trust, and communication.

Our special packages* include the following Steer features partnered with one of our Really Powerful Marketing Programs.

Steer customers also receive 5% off our marketing packages.

Steer by Mechanic Advisor Features:

  • 2-way Text Communications
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Scheduling & Chat Tools
  • Appointment & Service Reminders
  • Text, Email, & Postcard Campaigns
  • Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

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*Special package pricing for first time customers only. Prices are subject to change. Terms and conditions may apply.

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