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Your Website

You’re working hard to provide for your association members and you need a website that works hard for you and helps you reach your goals. We understand the importance of building a professional website presence and growing a cohesive brand across all aspects of your marketing and membership messages. Our websites are custom built just for you and while they continue to win design awards year after year, they are just as functional as they are beautiful. Each one of our sites are built responsively so they will look just as great and work just a great on a cell phone or laptop as they does on your desktop computer.

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Shop Finder

We make it easy for your members to find each other and make it easy for people to find them. Our shop finder is built exclusively for associations just like yours with. Behind the scenes, our custom built shop finder is a complex tool, but to your members it’s an easy way to find each other and to be found!

News Blog

Staying in touch with your group is important and when you need to get new information out there in a fast-and-friendly way our integrated blogs are the perfect tool to turn to. With us, your Association’s news blog is easy to access, easy to use, and easy to update. The content can then be displayed prominently on your website’s home page, or shared as a link through any digital marketing channel.


Online Forums

Communication isn’t just one way. We know that you’re not just delivering a message to an audience, but that you need to hear feedback from them too, and they need to hear from each other. We offer you custom communication solutions such as an online forum that helps your online membership community get to know each other, grow larger and more confident in your association, collaborate and communicate about new resources, and to network and create new opportunities for your group.

Calendar of Events

Groups of people need to get together. Perhaps one of the most important things you do as an association is meet to discuss plans and agendas and to help your members network. We know you work hard to organize great events where your members can meet each other and learn about the latest technology that is available to them and the new initiatives that you’re launching as a group. When you work with us at Autoshop Solutions, we integrate the latest event planning tools into your website to help you organize your meetings, see who has RSVPd, and make announcements and updates to the attendees.