Autoshop Solutions Launches Autoshop Mail, a Powerful New Marketing Tool for the Automotive Industry - Autoshop Solutions

Autoshop Solutions Launches Autoshop Mail, a Powerful New Marketing Tool for the Automotive Industry

September 30, 2013 – Apex NC – Autoshop Solutions Inc. announced today the launch of their latest marketing tool for the automotive industry: Autoshop Mail. Autoshop Mail takes direct mail to the next level by combining postcard mailings with an online marketing campaign, creating an easy user experience for the customer, and driving more traffic for the shop owner.

The Autoshop Mail direct mail program sends out postcards, equipped with phone tracking numbers for accurate ROI measuring. It then takes direct mail marketing a step further by integrating it with an online marketing campaign. Customers and new leads who receive the postcards are directed to a mobile-compatible landing page on the shop’s website for more information. Then, utilizing the Google Display Network, ads matching the shops direct mail postcard and branding will follow the new lead around the internet, helping the auto shop business stay top-of-mind and easily accessible for further engagement.

“This is going to revolutionize direct mail for automotive shops around the country,” Danny Sanchez, CEO of Autoshop Solutions, explained. “Autoshop Mail is not just postcards with a tracking number, it’s an entire marketing program that is trackable from start to finish.”

The Autoshop Mail program is designed to be convenient and effective for both the auto shop owner, and the potential new customer.

“Rolling out this integrated program to our customers is truly exciting!” Margaret Klemmer, VP Operations of Autoshop Solutions, said. “We take the branding and design from our client’s website and create a postcard, landing page and set of display ads that all match with the same branding, marketing message and offer.”

Autoshop Mail is the newest addition to the suite of marketing tools offered by Autoshop Solutions.

Autoshop Solutions is an award-winning internet marketing agency based in Apex NC. Since 2005, Autoshop Solutions has been helping the automotive industry with custom designed websites and internet marketing solutions, including SEO, Google Adwords, E-Newsletter and Social Media.

In August 2013, Autoshop Solutions was also named to the Inc 5000 list of the nations fastest growing companies. For more information about Autoshop Solutions, please contact Margaret or visit the website at

Erica Slesinger

Erica Slesinger