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Customers Are Always Looking - Will They Find You?

Customers Are Always Looking – Will They Find You?

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Customers Are Always Looking

Will they find you?

Autoshop Solutions founder and CEO, Danny Sanchez knows a thing or two about Omnichannel marketing. With 35 years in the automotive aftermarket, he offers up more than a few tips on tapping into the new customer journey.

Omnichannel marketing focuses on delivering a smooth, positive experience for the customer with consistency no matter how they engage with your business. In marketing, the new customer journey refers to the client’s path, via touch points on their decision to purchase your services. Touch points are how a business reaches out to its target audience. Your customer’s experience is everything about your business that helps form client opinions and how they see your business.

  • Market your business at all times because customers are always looking.
  • Your website needs to be mobile-ready.
  • Your clients need to find you, and if they can’t find you, it’s a weakness.
  • A good website includes good content.

If you use omnichannel marketing the proper way, the outcome will be a happy customer. It signifies you have taken them through a positive experience starting with the touch point, through their journey, and ending with a good experience. You only have eight seconds to make a good impression, so be sure to make it a good one.

What impression does your SEO make?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that climbing the pages of Google takes time. Suppose you optimize your website for several ranking factors today. Don’t expect it to appear in the number one spot tomorrow magically. It takes an ongoing SEO effort for success. Make sure your website is functional and optimized with your target buyer in mind, then you’ll start to see organic growth.

Do you use ads to bring people to your website?

You may think Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads are annoying, but in fact, they are the most powerful marketing tool and the most complex. The best part with PPC is you only pay when your customer clicks on an ad that leads them to your website.

What impression does your social media make?

For local businesses, Facebook is the primary social platform. When posting on social media, pay attention and keep it up to date.

  • Be genuine.
  • Keep it neutral.
  • Don’t post unless you have something interesting to say.
  • Posting some of the time is better than not at all.
  • A neutral experience is a positive experience.

Is your website’s overall impression a good one?

Your website is the anchor to all your omnichannel marketing efforts. Don’t skip out and lose your best customers because you didn’t do it right. Take the time and invest in marketing your business correctly. If you don’t, all the people looking for a new place to go will find the shop owners investing and taking the time to get their marketing in gear.

Let us build an Autoshop Solutions custom website and help you with some really powerful marketing. Being on top isn’t bad, but being on page one is essential.

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