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Why Your Website's Landing Page Matters

Why Your Website’s Landing Page Matters

Landing Page Experience

We have the answers if you’ve ever wondered about your website’s landing pages and why they matter. Landing pages are great for showing users what your business is or what products or services you provide. However, these pages are much more than that. They are great for educating the users who visit your site. Still, Search Engines like Google also use them to help deliver relevant search results to those searching for them. This applies to both organic search and paid search advertisements.

Let’s say your shop wants to get more Transmission Repair work. Someone searching on Google for transmission repair in your area may still find your business organically. Still, the odds will be much higher if your website contains content about transmission repair.

Bid amount and quality score contribute to your Ad’s Rank. One of the contributors to a good Quality Score is Landing Page Experience. When search engines like Google crawl your webpage and find content that matches your ad, it counts towards a good Landing Page Experience, thus improving your Quality Score and Ad Rank. The same applies to Paid Search Advertising. The ad with the highest Ad Rank will show first, but the cost will be determined by how much the 2nd highest bidder will pay. Since Bid amount is also a factor in determining Ad Rank, a relevant landing page that boosts Quality Score can lead to a lower Cost Per Click on your ads.

We recommend a landing page for any products or services you are trying to promote to ensure the best chances of being found online at the lowest cost to your business!

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