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The Importance of Call Tracking and How It Works For You

The Importance of Call Tracking and How It Works For You

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The Essentials of Marketing Your Business

Call tracking is an essential part of marketing a business. It allows you to track how many calls you are receiving, where those calls are coming from, and how callers found your business.

Getting the Metrics

If you are running a Google Ads campaign, call tracking will help show your return on investment. It helps by giving you metrics on how many calls came from a particular source. These metrics can help you understand exactly how far your money goes when trying to generate calls with different marketing efforts. Call tracking can offer access to advanced metrics, whether a call comes from an advertisement, organic search, a direct website visit, social media, or some other source. These metrics help you to understand the most successful marketing methods.

Measuring the Metrics

Call tracking numbers are not only useful for your online marketing efforts but can be used offline as well. If you are running a direct mail campaign or you have a special promotion in a magazine call tracking can help. Placing a call tracking number on those advertisements is a great way to measure how effective those marketing efforts are.

Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking can boost your marketing efforts and give you leverage on choosing how to maximize your marketing dollars.

  • Call tracking enables you to go back and listen to calls that you have received.
  • Call tracking verifies calls you are receiving are quality ones for your business .
  • Call recordings can also be a great training tool for your team.
  • You can listen to calls to see how your service advisors are answering the phone.
  • Calls can help team members improve their over-the-phone conversations with clients.

If you need help maximizing your efforts to market your business, let Autoshop Solutions help. Our team can set up call tracking numbers for you to use wherever you would like!

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