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Tech Stack of a Shop

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Find the Right Software for Your Shop

It can be a daunting task if you are new to finding the right software for your shop. There are several products on the market today with many different features. Your shop’s tech stack can be the difference between a well-oiled machine and a clunky fixer-upper. Whether or not you are a small shop or a large one, how people perceive you, your business, and your professionalism makes all the difference in the world regarding how much confidence people have in you and your business.

What Exactly is Tech Stack, and What Does Your Business Need?

Tech Stacks are the software systems you use to operate your business and service your customers. They organize your business, help you look professional to your customers, and increase efficiency for you and your staff.

Tony Mercury, our VP of Revenue, recently sat down with Jay Huh of Carmedix of Durham, NC, to discuss the software he uses for his shop. Jay originally opened his shop at his residence, grew to a six-bay shop, and now operates a 10-bay shop. He credits his success to how he presented himself and his business from the beginning.

“It’s all about perception, and I focused on that, and I think that’s super important,” Jay says. “You need a shop management system in your shop.”

Systems That Can Benefit Your Business

Shop Management System (SMS): This product helps keep track of performance, organizes records, and improves overall customer experience. These products help with the overall organization of the data you get from each customer.

Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI): Customers are about visibility when paying for services. DVIs are a great way to provide that for your customers. These tools allow you to take photos and videos of the vehicles you are working on so customers can view what is wrong with their cars even when they aren’t at the repair shop.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This tool is excellent for any business. It lets you keep track of your customers, their payments, and how long it has been since they last were in your shop. This data helps you to be able to send communications to clients and target them based on the type of repairs they may need.

What to Look for in a Tech Stack

When looking at your shop’s tech stack, a vital factor is how the systems work together. Making sure that your DVI and CRM can integrate with your SMS will make your processes more efficient from start to finish.

Another factor to consider is ensuring that your systems are cloud-based, which makes it easy if you have multiple shops and don’t have to be in the same building to access your information. Also, it’s easier to be efficient when you have systems that work on different devices, so it’s accessible for all your employees.

Your tech stack can effectively help your business while increasing your revenue, so it is essential to consider your options when choosing a system. To learn more about a shop software stack, check out this Autoshop Academy video:
and the 10MM with Tony Mercury:
where he has a discussion with Jay Huh, the owner of Carmedix.

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