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Is NAP/Citation Management Still Important?

Is NAP/Citation Management Still Important?

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Is Your Shop's Information Correct?

Ignoring your business's web presence is a luxury that most automotive repair shop owners can't afford. When someone searches for auto repair and comes across your business, what if your phone number is wrong? What if your hours aren't accurate? You may lose out on a customer again and again. According to a Google/Critical Mix, U.S., Fixed Ops Study, search is the first place people turn to when they need auto maintenance information quickly. Why not make your shop the one they can easily find when they need that repair or service?

Are Citations A Local Ranking Factor?

Based on Whitespark’s Local Search Ranking Factors survey of SEO industry experts published in late 2021, citations are still a part of Google’s local search ranking factors. That means the accuracy of NAP data across the web impacts how well you rank to a certain degree. We cannot say how much since the formula behind Google’s algorithm is a well-kept secret. Still, most experts across the SEO industry agree that citation management is part of the equation.

Citations Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Citations represent seven percent of local search ranking factors in Google Organic search engine result pages and Google Local/Map Pack based on a survey of well-known SEOers. Some SEO experts suggest that NAP management’s importance has declined to a negligible level. Still, there is no concrete evidence to indicate that it no longer has an impact. However, the search engine isn’t as important as the user. Suppose you are actively managing your citation listings and your competitor is not. Wouldn’t you want a potential customer to be able to find your correct phone number over your competitor? It could mean the difference between you gaining that customer instead of your competitor.

NAP/Citation Management Is Still Valuable

Citation management is a tactic you shouldn’t ignore as search engines use them in ranking businesses in search results. More importantly, however, potential customers need to be able to find accurate information about your auto repair shop. According to a Google/Critical Mix, U.S., Fixed Ops Study, more than 40 percent of auto service shoppers need reactive versus routine maintenance. Wouldn’t you want to be that shop owner with more than 40 percent of people who find it convenient to call for help with their vehicle?

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