The Importance of Brand Cohesiveness

The Importance of Brand Cohesiveness—Why It Matters

The Importance of Brand Cohesiveness—Why It Matters

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Does Branding Matter?

Large companies spend tremendous money on how they model their image and branding. Why? Because it works. And yours can, too! Model your business on companies that are bigger and better than you, and watch where it takes you.

What is Brand Cohesiveness?

Brand Cohesiveness brings all the aspects of your business together. It helps people recognize you and gives them consistent recognition no matter where or how they see your business represented. It completes your business, gives it a face, and brings it full circle.

How can you create Brand Cohesion for your business?

Some key ingredients are essential to your business’s success and deserve careful thought and consideration to help establish your brand. Spend the time and spend the money when you are creating the face of your business.

  • Logo
  • Create an eye-catching logo representing your brand and the heart of your company.

  • Colors
  • Choosing a consistent color scheme for your brand is important. It will represent your personality and highlight all your marketing materials.

  • Fonts
  • Use your words to talk. Whether you cater to a small remote town in the country or service luxury cars of the elite, you want to choose lettering that speaks in your tone and voice.

  • Imagery
  • Customers want to see your face, work, and shop. Don’t use the stock photos they may see on other websites; rather, use photos from your photo book.

    Properly setting up your branding will save time and money in the long run. Knowing what logo file, fonts and colors to use in a project is half the battle to make a brand recognizable. From a designer’s perspective, creating a good brand is simpler if the people doing it have the knowledge and eye for it.

    Do you know why those aspects play a vital role in your business’s Cohesive Branding and its impact?

    As a shop owner, you may have thought your logo, colors, font, and voice are just about what you like or can crank out on your home computer during a weekend. However, having a consistent voice, image, and identity can add a sense of trust and a positive impression on how your audience perceives you and your shop.

    It may not be evident now, but over time you will begin to see the writing on the wall. Cohesive branding greatly impacts new and returning customers, your sales, and how your audience perceives your shop. Do it well, do it right, and make it a good investment. It’s not the place to trim the budget.

    The Benefits

    Brand cohesion benefits your shop by setting a tone for your business, engaging your customers, and showcasing your professionalism. With it, you can be classy, pleasing, and recognizable while creating your brand identity. It represents your personality and promise as a service provider inside and outside your shop. Set yourself apart from your competitors, and put yourself at the front of the race.

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