The Importance of Your Website and PPC Marketing

Your Website and PPC Marketing

Your Website and PPC Marketing

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Your Website and PPC Marketing

Why does your website matter when it comes to PPC?

You may be asking yourself the following questions:

  • "I am ready to start my Google ads, so why do I need to wait for my new website?"
  • "I want new customers, not a new website. Why do I need to change my website?"
  • "Why should I care how my shop looks online? I just need business."

To a digital marketing expert, this sounds the same as if a customer came into your shop with the steel belts of their tires showing and said: “Why do I need new tires? I just need my engine to crank.”

There are two primary reasons why your Website matters to PPC. The first and foremost is YOUR CUSTOMERS!

If you are spending your money to get people to your website, it needs to be easy for them to make an appointment, whether through a form or a call! Ads may bring customers to your site, BUT if that is all they are doing, you are throwing away your ads budget.

Another reason is that Google, Bing, and other search engines pay attention to your website.

Search Engines rate the quality of your website and charge you more or less to advertise based on how well your website performs. Google wants people who search to have a good experience. So if they feel your website will lead to a good experience, they will charge you less to advertise.

Quality matters. The user experience, the page load speed, and the content on your site help determine how much you pay, so having a high-quality website will help you spend less on Ads.

Paying for Google Ads without a good website is like getting a car to run with horrible tires. It may move forward, but you won’t get very far.

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